Welcome to our fourth annual Major Matchup! This year, we’re more excited than ever to celebrate the top degree programs at the University of Arizona Global Campus (UAGC). That’s because we’re putting a new spin on the beloved game, which has become a tradition at the university. Read on to learn more about this year’s contest, and then be sure to cast your votes below to help us determine the 2021 UAGC Major Matchup winner!

A Look Back

Over the past three years, our spirited bracket-style competition — which runs during the NCAA® March Madness® basketball competition — has pitted the top 16 degree programs or majors* against each other and let our “fans” vote each week for their favorite, narrowing the list down to the ultimate winner.

For the inaugural contest in 2018, we watched Human Resources Management and Psychology duke it out in the final match, with Human Resources Management taking the top prize. The following year, we witnessed a whole different game, with new finalists emerging to conclude with Business Administration beating out Criminal Justice.

In 2020, the contest received a slight makeover when the Forbes School of Business and Technology® and the College of Arts and Sciences battled it out for the first time. Human Resources Management returned to the final round once again to square off against Early Childhood Education. However, the 2018 winner couldn’t retake the title, and Early Childhood Education found its first-ever Major Matchup win. 

New This Year

Much like you saw in 2020, you will still see the Forbes School of Business and Technology® face-off against the College of Arts and Sciences. This time, however, we’re leveling up by inviting the faculty to play along! For each bracket, you will have an opportunity to hear from a faculty member on why the major they are representing is the most unique and why it should be crowned the winner of the 2021 Major Matchup. So, this year, you are voting for the faculty members who make the best “case” for the major. Some pitches will be in video, some will be in the form of text, many will feature both, but all will include a personalized faculty perspective on what they think makes their major the best.

What’s more, for the final bracket round, you will have an opportunity to hear from the faculty representing the last two majors in a Facebook Live event, where they will reply to questions from a moderator and questions from the viewers. After the event, you will be invited to cast one final vote to help determine the 2021 UAGC Major Matchup champion! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and stay tuned for details.

Are you fired up for your favorite faculty pitches? Get ready to vote! The first round of voting closes on April 4, 2021, at 9 a.m. PT.

2021 UAGC Major Matchup

Meet the 2021 UAGC Major Matchup Contestants

Now’s your chance to help decide who will win the 2021 UAGC Major Matchup. Check out these 16 faculty pitches representing programs from the Forbes School of Business and Technology® and the College of Arts and Sciences. Some faculty just stick to the facts. Others infuse humor. And some showcase a favorite hobby. One turned to rhyme (yes, there is a slam poet in the house!). And one even features their dog (who doesn’t love pets?).

No matter the approach, all are personalized and drive home the important point they are trying to make: their program is the best! Have a look below to read the pitches and watch the videos. Then cast your vote in all eight brackets to help us take this contest to Round 2 next week. Voting is open until April 4. Who will make it into the next round of voting? You decide! Vote for the faculty member who makes the most convincing argument in all eight brackets below.

Game 1: Education vs. Psychology

Education vs Psychology

First up is Education vs. Psychology, both programs in the College of Arts and Sciences at UAGC. Representing Education is Dr. Allison Rief, who is back to defend the reigning title. Dr. Michelle Rosser-Majors is also here to fill you in on Psychology. Who has the most convincing argument? Watch their videos, read more about their programs, and then cast your vote below. 

Early Childhood Education

Dr. Rief: “We are coming back strong to defend the 2020 Major Match Up title for the Early Childhood Education program! It is extremely hard to hold back my amazing group of students. Why, you may ask? Because early childhood educators are energetic, enthusiastic, and seek out the fun in everything! Our Early Childhood Education program is extremely unique in that all of our courses are based on current research in a field that is always evolving. We combine the theoretical with the practical, and all our tasks are connected to things that are done every day in the classroom. In particular, the Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education program is based on principles of child development that define healthy, respectful, supportive, and developmentally stimulating environments for children. We analyze effective strategies that focus on collaboration and communication with families, communities, and colleagues to foster positive and supportive relationships that impact learning and development of children. We promote the highest standards of ethics through reflective practice, critical application of current research and theories, and advocacy on behalf of children and families. Working with young kids is so rewarding because they love coming to school**. When you’re that age and you’re in school, you learn from play. Who wouldn’t want to do that? So, support us, and vote for Early Childhood Education!”

**An online degree from the University of Arizona Global Campus does not lead to immediate teacher licensure in any state.



Dr. Rosser-Majors: “Psychology is unique and one of the most popular majors because the understanding of human behavior can be applied to practically any career, or to one’s personal development, or even to one’s life journey. It can even help someone understand why their new mother-in-law must serve every holiday meal at her house. 
It also encompasses leadership, motivation, personality, human development, abnormal, learning, and organizational behaviors. In addition, Psychology majors can gain the knowledge to support their children, or grandchildren, with making friends, developing more confidence, or even improving school outcomes. In business, having this knowledge can support them in applying strategies to support employee improvement, increase performance motivation, and lend a perspective to understanding why their boss thinks they must stay until 5:05 every day to be a good employee. What good does that do? Having psychology knowledge can help you understand this not-so-helpful belief/behavior.
In the community, psychology knowledge supports us as volunteers at the local homeless shelter, church, or mosque, or when working in an after-school youth program. Psychology provides the knowledge to support any area where human behavior is at play, even in the world of working with animals. In a nutshell, psychology, the understanding of human behavior, helps us to be more self-aware and ready to take on our goals. This is exactly why Psychology should win the 2021 UAGC Major Matchup.” 


Who said it better? Did Dr. Rief convince you Education should win again? Or has Dr. Rosser-Majors: win you over with her pitch for Psychology? Let us know. Cast your vote now! 

Game 1: Education vs. Psychology

Game 2: Organizational Management vs. Human Resources Management


Next up are two Forbes School of Business and Technology® fan faves: Organizational Management and Human Resources Management. Dr. William Woods is representing Organizational Management, while Leah Westerman is here to speak on behalf of two-time finalist (and past winner), Human Resources Management. 

Who has the most convincing program pitch? Read more about each one, watch the videos, and then cast your vote below. Who makes the best case? Vote and let us know who should move on to the next round!

Organizational Management

Dr. Woods: “Greetings and thank you for considering the Organizational Management major. You will enjoy learning in programs that focus on management, leadership, organizational change, marketing, finance, teamwork, legal environments, human resources, international operations, and ethics. This program is going to help you to build much-needed skills for your career.”

Human Resources Management

Dr. Westerman: “Why is HR unique and special? The top 10 reasons why and why HR should win this year’s Major Matchup.

  1. You’ll be in a position of influence. 
  2. You’ll have the chance to change lives.
  3. HR is essential to all organizations.
  4. You can develop the people around you, inspire them, motivate them, and share your passion.
  5. There is always growth with relationships in HR.
  6. You’ll get gratification through problem-solving.
  7. You’ll get to welcome and be the first face to all rookies and new employees.
  8. Every day is different in the industry of HR.
  9. You’ll get to guide others in their career choices and aspirations.
  10. You’ll get to work with people, and that means you can make a difference in every organization!”

Find out even more benefits in this video.


Did Dr. Wood’s rhyme seal the deal? Or did Dr. Westerman's Top 10 list hammer home that HR is the best? Vote now!

Game 2: Organizational Management vs. Human Resources Management
Organizational Management
Human Resources Management


Game 3: Nursing vs. Health Care Administration

nursing vs health care administration

Next up is Nursing vs. Health Care Administration and both are programs at the College of Arts and Sciences. This year, graduates with these degrees played a pivotal role in helping patients and facilities navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Two different programs. Both very critical. But only one can move on to the next round. Here, Dr. LaTonya Santo discusses the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree for registered nurses, while Marti Kessack is here to represent Health Care Administration. Read their pitches, then cast your vote!


Dr. Santo: “Here are the top five reasons why I believe Nursing is unique and should be crowned the 2021 Major Matchup winner: 

  1. Nurses serve others during the most important moments of their lives (childbirth, illness, surgeries, end-of-life). 
  2. Nurses were voted as the most trusted profession for 19 of the past 20 years. 
  3. Nursing is a recession-proof profession. Nurses with a BSN degree or higher have better job prospects. 
  4. The BSN program at UAGC prepares students to meet the nation’s increasing need for BSN-prepared nurses†. 
  5. The lives of nurses make the most entertaining TV shows, movies, and books (in my professional opinion!). 

Vote for Nursing in this year’s Major Matchup!”

†Applicants to this program must have earned a nursing (hospital) diploma or Associate’s degree in Nursing from a regionally accredited or approved nationally accredited college or university including the following coursework or equivalent: Microbiology (with lab). Applicants must possess an active, unrestricted license to practice as a Registered Nurse or its equivalent in at least one U.S. state. All students must maintain this licensure throughout the program of study.

Health Care Administration

Dr. Kessack: The University of Arizona Global Campus understands that choosing a career degree is sometimes daunting. Not knowing what the career market will be when you graduate adds to that stress. We have the solution for you. A career in health care administration is the right choice. Health care administrators are experiencing a shortage that it is expected well into the future. The career path is growing at an amazing 32% over other health care areas, and this figure will be higher as new positions are created each year. Health care administration is a rewarding career with entry at the bachelor’s degree level. UAGC’s Master of Health Care Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Administration are nationally recognized programs ranked 16th out of 50 in health care administration schools. Getting a degree in this program will have you prepared for all of these positions and more that are created. Being a nationally recognized program could not be possible without the expert and acclaimed instructors and leaders here at UAGC. Our team members here in the Master of Arts in Health Care Administration program are Dr. Robert Smiles, Dr. Sherri Lu, Lynne Trevisan, and Dr. Marti Kessack. Each member has many years of experience in the health care field as well as being recognized and acclaimed instructors. We are ready to get you prepared for a position in health care administration that is waiting for you.”

Is nursing your niche, or is health care administration your true calling? Which faculty pitch has you most convinced? Vote now!

Game 3: Nursing vs. Health Care Administration
Health Care Administration

Game 4: Business Leadership vs. Accounting


Now we’re going to hear from two more popular majors at the Forbes School of Business and Technology®: Business Leadership and Accounting. On the leadership front, we have Dr. Jennie Walker. And presenting for accounting is Brandy Havens. Whose argument is stronger? Read and watch, then vote below!

Business Leadership

Dr. Walker: “Leadership is a field that touches all organizations and people. Our Business Leadership degree students are diverse, but they have a shared goal to be positive, impactful leaders in their organizations and communities. They are superheroes in daily life, engaging people to work together, resolving problems, and leading change. Choosing to pursue a leadership-focused degree sends a clear message to others that this person values others in organizations and desires to be a positive and active force for change in the world.”


Brandy Havens: “Accounting is just math, right? It’s just a bunch of numbers. Who cares about numbers anyway? I’m going to answer that. You do! I’ll bet that most of you have or have had a job. I bet that you expect to get paid for your work. If the company doesn’t have people to properly manage their working capital, they won’t be able to pay their employees. In accounting, we call that liquidity, and you can learn to evaluate that. Are you an investor? Have you ever had a retirement plan like a pension or 401k? If so, then you are an investor. And yes, you can use accounting to access potential investments. How do we know if a company is being socially responsible or environmentally conscious? Believe it or not, accounting can help with that, too. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us in the accounting department.”



You’ve heard from the experts. Now it’s time to decide. Did Dr. Walker convince you leadership is where it’s at, or did Brandy Haven’s argument for accounting seal the deal? Who said it best? Cast your vote!

Game 4: Business Leadership vs. Accounting
Business Leadership

Game 5: Instructional Design vs. Criminal Justice


Our next bracket features two unique College of Arts and Sciences majors, and our industry thought leaders are here to convince you theirs is the best. First, we have Dr. Chris Sorenson to discuss Instructional Design. Then, Dr. Marty McAuliffe takes a swing at Criminal Justice. Read and watch their pitches, then cast your vote.

Instructional Design

Dr. Sorensen: “Your boss has given you the task of completely redesigning and developing the onboarding training for new hires. It’s a big task and you don’t know where to start. It’s simple. It’s as easy as A.D.D.I.E. It stands for Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate. These are the basic steps to follow when you develop any type of training. UAGC offers a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in instructional design. What’s great about the ID programs at UAGC is that they are very application-based, so you put what you learn into practice. You’ll really see that connection between what you learn in the classroom and what you do in the workplace. So, what are you waiting for? Vote for instructional design today!”

Criminal Justice

Dr. McAuliffe: “Hello, University of Arizona Global Campus. My name is Marty McAuliffe. I’m an associate professor, and I teach in both the undergraduate and graduate Criminal Justice‡ programs. Spring has sprung, and March Madness is here. We have March Madness at the school as well. We want you to vote for the Criminal Justice programs and advance us through the brackets. Just like a point guard in the final second to win the game for his team, we’re going to drive this thing home and send us to the final four in victory.” 

‡Successful completion of this program by itself may not qualify a student for employment with a federal, state, or local law enforcement agency.


So, who is it going to be? Did Dr. Sorensen and his pooch give the best pitch for Instructional Design? Or did Dr. McAuliffe drive it home with this quick and witty video for Criminal Justice? Let us know with your vote!

Game 5: Instructional Design vs. Criminal Justice
Instructional Design
Criminal Justice


Game 6: Cyber and Data Security Technology vs. Project Management


In this round, two Forbes School of Business and Technology® faves, Cyber and Data Security Technology and Project Management, go head-to-head. First, Dr. Pete Limon shares some brief but strong words on why Cyber and Data Security Technology is the major to win the top prize. Then, Dr. Gail Hoskyns-Long weighs in on the value of a project management degree. Who said it best? Read the written pitches, watch the video, and then cast your vote for the most convincing argument below.

Cyber and Data Security Technology

Dr. Limon: “Do you ever find your computer connecting to the internet slower than usual? (Yes.) How long does it usually take you to connect? (Yes, a long time.) It was discovered that many computers were infected with malware when attempting to connect to the internet. The Forbes School of Business and Technology® Cyber and Data Security and Technology program will allow you to learn many tools to mitigate these computer attacks that slow your computer down. Why should it be crowned the 2021 Major Matchup winner? Because we have what it takes! If you’re ready to take your education to the next level — for yourself, family, and community — we want to help. Take a bite out of cybercrime one bit at a time!” 

Project Management

Dr. Hoskyns-Long: "The knowledge from the Project Management‡‡ degree can be used in virtually every type of profession. Project management can be used in your personal life, education, the military, and even years down the road if you decide to change professions. There are projects everywhere! Project management never goes out of style. With a Project Management degree, you will learn the steps from planning the project to closing the project. You will learn technical skills such as the Critical Path Method, and how to make and use Gantt charts and work breakdown structures. Leadership and soft skills such as motivating and leading others, and communication skills. You will also learn strategic skills such as ethics and critical thinking. Vote Project Management!” 

‡‡Successful completion of this degree by itself does not qualify a student to sit for any certification examinations offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) including the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), Project Management Professional (PMP), Program Management Professional (PgMP), PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP), or the PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)


Did Dr. Limon and cyber security beat out Dr. Hoskyns-Long and project management? Cast your vote, and help one of these instructors move on to the next round!

Game 6: Cyber and Data Security Technology vs. Project Management
Cyber and Data Security Technology
Project Management


Game 7: Liberal Arts vs. Health Informatics and Analytics


In this bracket, two final College of Arts and Sciences majors battle it out, with Liberal Arts and Health Informatics and Analytics going up against each other to see who can progress to the next round. In one corner, we have Dr. Adrianne Hanson with a written pitch for Liberal Arts. In the other corner, Damarie Grunauer-Nix makes the case for Health Informatics and Analytics. Which argument is more convincing? You decide. Read or watch the arguments below and then determine their fate with your vote!

Liberal Arts

Dr. Hanson: “Do you lie awake at night, contemplating the great questions of life? Questions such as:

  • What does it mean to be human?
  • How do events from hundreds of years ago influence current international conflicts?
  • If we have free will, why do we go to work every day?
  • Why has western culture historically marginalized women’s voices?
  • How do I know that I know what I know?
  • Is colonialism really over? 
  • Why is Baby Yoda so popular?

Do you love reading great works of philosophy and literature for their timeless truths and depictions of history, diverse cultures, and human nature? Do you enjoy finding existential meaning in a work of visual art or music? Or do you delve into the mindset of oppressive western culture in your quest to subvert it? Perhaps you obsess over the cultural history of camels. Are you looking to cultivate an agile mind that will outlast the automated workplace? Or do you simply plan to stay relevant while your colleagues with “tech skills” get replaced by bots?

The world of higher education is full of degrees focused on preparing you for a career. A Liberal Arts degree prepares you for ANY career. Instead of merely updating your skillset, upgrade your mindset. 

As a Liberal Arts major, you master The Art of . . . 

  • Listening
  • Inquiring
  • Balancing
  • Engaging
  • Reflecting
  • Absorbing
  • Learning

Don't just learn what you need to know right now. Discover how and why to learn for life. Vote for liberal arts!”

Health Informatics and Analytics
Damarie Grunauer-Nix: “Hello, everyone. My name is Damarie Grunauer-Nix, and I am a core faculty with the Master of Science in Health Informatics and Analytics program at the University of Arizona Global Campus, and here is my pitch as to why my program is the most unique and special at our university. Health Informatics and Analytics is sometimes a mystery to people, and I can understand that because the real stars are absolutely the people who are the clinicians, the ones out there doing the work and literally breathing life into people. Especially in this past year; we have all learned that. But you know what? It is so important to have that health information in a useable, meaningful way so that clinicians can do that work. There is nothing that a clinician will need more than information in real-time that is relevant, reliable, and accurate. And we do this through data design, through designing databases to ensure that these processes that are in place for the clinician work and are meaningful and useful. And that is why it should be crowned the program for 2021.” 


Which of these two majors should win this round? Vote now!

Game 7: Liberal Arts vs. Health Informatics and Analytics
Liberal Arts
Health Informatics and Analytics


Game 8: Business Information Systems Management vs. Business Administration


Last but not least in our final bracket of this 2021 Major Matchup Round 1, we hear from Michael Hayden, who represents Business Information Systems Management, and Dr. Charlie Minnick, who states his case for Business Administration. Which faculty makes the stronger case for their Forbes School of Business and Technology® major? Read on, then vote!

Business Information Systems Management

Michael Hayden: “The excitement of creating something evolutionary using technology is priceless. My name is Michael Hayden, I am a Lead Faculty for the University of Arizona Global Campus Technology Studies team and an entrepreneur. What I learned from over 30 years in business and information technology systems management is we must continue to learn to implement and stay current with emerging and effective technologies. As data analytics and AI speeds how we work with massive amounts of data and converts it into actionable insights, the industry is starved for new talent. Corporate and consumer interest are on the rise in areas like automation and autonomous driving. The IT job market is growing exponentially. And a shortage of multiple millions of technology jobs is expected in the next few years.

Even in education, technology makes learning more efficient and fun. Students are more motivated to learn, and learn more, if they are enjoying the process. They are connected to devices and use technology throughout their day-to-day lives.

You will want to set yourself apart in the workforce and in your career. You want a degree: Business Information Systems Management from the Forbes school of Business and Technology® Learn to develop AI, data analytics, and work in deep learning environments. Or even work with programming, drones, robotics, cryptocurrency VR/AR development, or cybersecurity. Actually, cybersecurity is critically important for everyone and businesses of all sizes. Technology jobs are in very high demand and can demand very high pay! Technology will continue to grow and adapt even further. By majoring in Business Information Systems Management, you can help develop products to solve the world’s problems. Without technology, where would we be? That’s why you should vote for Business Information Systems Management.”

Business Administration

Dr. Minnick: “MBA! MBA! MBA! Has a great ring to it as it rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it! The Bachelor of Arts and MBA programs at the Forbes School of Business and Technology® give you the opportunity to become an MBA MVP! How cool would it be to be a Forbes School of Business and Technology® MBA MVP? Now that I have your attention, you’re probably asking yourself, “Charlie, how do I become an MBA MVP?” First, you can complete the BA in Business Administration degree, or earn any bachelor’s degree as an admission requirement for your graduate degree. Then, the MBA program becomes your ticket to enhance your career and move into MVP status.

So, how do we partner with you to become an MBA MVP? Let me share a couple ways. Once you set your sights on business administration, and you know you’ll want to move into earning a master’s degree, you’ll discover that our MBA program features Steve Forbes in our Global Economics and Political Influence course. Talk about having a true MVP in our program. What’s more, the courses in both our bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs feature interactive business simulations and gamification, and the MBA even has live RSS feeds that incorporate blogs from industry experts. In short, the Forbes School of Business and Technology® business administration programs are your front row tickets to MVP status!”

So, who’s it going to be? Which of these business degree gurus has your vote to progress Round 2? Cast your vote now!

Game 8: Business Information Systems Management vs. Business Administration
Business Information Systems Management
Business Administration

It’s Time to Vote

Well, there you have it. The first eight brackets of the 2021 UAGC Major Matchup. Which faculty members presented the best pitches? Who will advance to the next round? It’s all in your hands. Vote wisely!

Don’t forget to come back next week to see which faculty members and majors progress to the next round of brackets! Be sure to rally your peers to vote for their favorite faculty pitch by posting on social media using the hashtag #VoteMyUAGC.

Happy voting!


*As selected by the UAGC leadership.

Certain degree programs may not be available in all states. 

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