The UAGC Week Begins on Tuesday!

Start the week off strong. On Tuesday, you should:

  • Log in and introduce yourself to fellow students
  • Review notes and important tips from your instructor
  • View your weekly assignments, and get started on your reading
Start the Classroom Conversation

On day two, you will want to:

  • Post your first discussion topic and ask classmates to chime in
  • Read their responses from your phone or tablet while you’re on-the-go
  • Respond to classmates and look for feedback from your instructor
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Put Your Critical-thinking Skills to Work

Now’s the time to turn to your UAGC resources. On your third day, you should:

  • Finish your reading and post your second discussion topic
  • Use the UAGC Library to gather sources for your research paper
  • Prepare your thesis using tips from the UAGC Writing Center
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Tap into Your Support System

You’re mid-week now. On Friday, stay connected:

  • Email your instructor with questions using the UAGC mobile app
  • Reach out to your advisor and chat about your progress toward graduation
  • Connect with students across the globe on the UAGC Facebook page
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Roll Up Your Sleeves and Dig In

It’s time to dig in. Today, you might want to:

  • Finish responding to classmates in the discussion forum
  • Get started on your paper using the UAGC Library sources and the Writing Reviser tool
  • Double-check your formatting with APA style resources in the Writing Center
lady writing on desk
You’re in the Home Stretch

Today, you should:

  • Proofread your paper using the Revision Checklist in the UAGC Writing Center
  • Submit your paper for grading
  • Respond to emails via your free Microsoft Office 365 account
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Think Ahead. Make a Plan.

Get ready for another week. Make sure to:

  • Look ahead to this week’s writing and reading assignments
  • Check your academic progress on the UAGC mobile app
  • Reach out to Career Services for tips on resume writing and job searches
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