CHAMPS Peer Mentoring

CHAMPS stands for Collaborative and Holistic Academic Mentoring for Peer Success. Our CHAMPS Peer Mentoring program matches new students adjusting to the demands of pursuing a college degree (Mentees) with high achieving, upper-division students (Mentors) to create a space for peer-to-peer mentorship that promotes student development and success. The mission of the CHAMPS Peer Mentoring Program is to provide opportunities for students at the University of Arizona Global Campus to have access to the knowledge and experience of successful peer mentors to promote student success.

How Peer Mentoring Works

All first-time college students who successfully pass their Conditional Admission Period and meet Basic Academic Requirements will participate in the CHAMPS Peer Mentoring Program as part of their first-year experience.

All other students (including mentors) can still opt-in and start by submitting an application.

After a mentee and mentor are paired, they are then free to email, call, set up video or audio conferences, use social media, or text to begin the program.

Get Matched with an Experienced, Successful Student or Alumni Mentor

The CHAMPS program consists of seven milestones designed to create conversations relevant to the success and development of UAGC students. Participants should expect to meet via their preferred communication method for an hour each week for 7 weeks—but it is our hope that our mentors and mentees build relationships that last well beyond the end of the program! To help partner you with the best mentor, students will begin in the Expand Your Support Community plan and continue through the Academic Preparedness Plan specific to their degree level. Advanced plans are available for our seasoned CHAMPS members.
  • Setting out to complete your degree is a major undertaking—and you don’t need to go it alone. The CHAMPS Expand Your Support Community mentoring track is designed to pair you up with a mentor who is in your corner, someone who can be your sounding board for ideas, and who you can check in with as you move through your program. Designed for students looking to increase their sense of community and belonging, this track will focus on opportunities to further emerge yourself into various UAGC learning communities under the guidance of a mentor who is matched to your background.

  • These are the things you wish you knew on your first day of school. Designed for students still acclimating to the University of Arizona Global Campus environment, the CHAMPS Undergraduate Academic Preparedness track will introduce you to critical learning resources and fundamental student skills that will shape you into the student you want to be. We’ll pair you with a mentor who has been there before, who matches your background and family dynamics, and who will invest themselves in your development.

  • Graduate students face a unique set of challenges. The CHAMPS Graduate Academic Preparedness track is designed exclusively for graduate students to help them transition into a graduate level program. Let our graduate mentors talk you through the nuances of being a graduate level student while touching base on some of the most important and effective learning resources at the University of Arizona Global Campus.

  • Looking to take control of your career trajectory and develop professionally? The CHAMPS Career and Professional Development track is designed to help our student achievers identify and act on additional opportunities to get the most out of their time at the University of Arizona Global Campus. Ideal for second year students and beyond, this track focuses on resources and opportunities that will enhance your leadership, professional development, and career marketability.

  • This plan is a robust training for mentees wanting to become a mentor in the CHAMPS program. It focuses on program procedure, best practices, etiquette and professionalism, and everything that encompasses the best representation of the University of Arizona Global Campus student life. Mentees will become experts in the UAGC classroom and university resources so they can be a great role model for new mentee students.

The Benefits of CHAMPS Mentorship

What is a CHAMPS Mentee?

CHAMPS Mentees recognize the opportunity to explore and better understand UAGC resources and student best practices. They're open to conversations that will broaden their understanding of life as a Global Campus student and help identify what success looks like. Become a CHAMPS peer mentee to:

  • Add a high-achieving, successful UAGC student to your support system
  • Get support navigating critical learning resources, including the Student Portal, Library, and Writing Center
  • Discuss strategies on how to balance life and school from a peer who faced and overcame similar challenges
  • Gain access to videos, worksheets, and other activities designed to develop you as an online learner


Ready to Sign up for CHAMPS?

Follow these steps:

  • Log into your Student Portal
  • In the left side navigation menu, click on Student Life tab, then then click the link for UAGC Connect
  • Click on the link to UAGC Connect to join the platform and set up your account
  • Once your UAGC Connect profile is set up, on the top banner menu, click on “Programs”
  • Finally, click the join button for the CHAMPS Mentoring Home Program

If you have any questions along the way, email us at [email protected] and one of our Program Coordinators will be in touch to assist you.

Why Become a CHAMPS Mentor

CHAMPS Mentors are UAGC experts who have overcome their share of obstacles as adult learners in online education. Mentors are high achieving students who meet the 3.0 GPA and 24 Undergraduate/12 Graduate UAGC Credit requirements. Students must be in good academic standing have no previous conduct violations to be considered as a mentor. Mentors accepted in the Honors Program will automatically be accepted into CHAMPS as a mentor and be required to participate and successfully complete the Honors Program PLA credit program. Our mentors are willing to take a mentee, or multiple mentees under their wing and offer their guidance and support.


Become a CHAMPS Peer Mentor to:

  • Share your experience and how you achieved academic success at Global Campus
  • Inspire your mentee as he or she overcomes the adjustments of studying online
  • Enhance your own career marketability through leadership experience
  • Create a stronger overall sense of connection and belonging amongst Global Campus online community
  • Potentially earn elective credits toward the completion of your undergraduate degree through our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program. The Office of Prior Learning Assessment has teamed up with CHAMPS to offer mentors 1 elective credit for every 15 hours of dedicated mentoring time spent in the program. Students are paired with a Program Coordinator to guide them through the experience. To be eligible, mentors need to have room in their elective pool for the credit to apply, but we will take care of confirming that for you!

Ready to Sign Up?

You can complete the CHAMPS sign up process to participate as a mentee or mentor by accessing UAGC Connect. Log into your student portal and click on the link for UAGC Connect under the Career and Alumni Services portlet. After a few questions to complete your profile, click on Programs in the top menu bar and request to the join the CHAMPS Peer Mentoring – Orientation program. If you have any questions, email us at [email protected] for assistance.

What Our Students Think
  • “After the first few months as a CHAMPS mentor, I realized I really enjoyed helping students overcome their hurdles in life. It’s been a great way to give back to the students what my son had given to me. I found my niche.”
    Machele Ruiz
  • “The greatest thing I have gained from my education at UAGC is the connections. I love the CHAMPS program and everything it has to offer. Besides the education, the people I have met have really impacted my life.”
    Michael Turner
  • “Through CHAMPS, I am trying to make a difference by helping students get back into the groove of things.”
    Dan Fiore
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