A master’s degree from the University of Arizona Global Campus can open a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities for you. Not only can a master’s degree lead to potential leadership positions and the chance to innovate, but children of parents who hold master’s degrees are also more likely to continue their education to the master’s or doctorate levels

Earning a master’s degree will require time management, focus, dedication, and determination, and it will be worth it. But there’s one thing you definitely won’t need to achieve your academic goals at UAGC: a GRE. 

What is a GRE, and Why Do Some Programs Require It?

The GRE, or Graduate Record Examinations, is a computer-based, multiple-choice, standardized test. The GRE is an evaluation tool used by an admissions department to determine a student’s preparedness and qualifications for graduate-level course work.

Amongst general campus-based programs, a GRE is required for admission for a variety of reasons, such as to challenge upcoming graduate students and their ability to think critically, analyze literature, communicate verbally, and complete different types of math problems. However, overloaded staff and lecture halls can make gaining a place in these programs difficult at times and are expensive once you’ve paid for test preparation and the exam itself. 

But, at UAGC, things are a little different. 

Global Campus Graduate Degree Programs Don’t Require a GRE

Education should be open, honest, and available to anyone with a passion for it. That’s why at UAGC a GRE is not required for you to start your path towards your master’s degree. There are a variety of degree programs that fit any and all career paths. 

Whether you’re continuing in a given field or looking for a new opportunity, here are just a few options for master’s degree programs that don’t require a GRE:

Master of Arts in:

Master of Science in:

Master of:

Are You Ready for a Master’s Degree without a GRE?

If you’re still not sure you are ready to earn your master’s degree, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I irreplaceable in my current position?
  • Is my income what I want it to be?
  • Is my future in this career field solid?
  • Can I become the leader I want to be with my current degree?
  • Am I inspiring my children to be everything they can be?

Once you’ve done your research and considered your degree options, start the easy and seamless admissions process and solidify your future today, minus the GRE! 

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