Public Health Administration Masters Degree

Master of Public Health

Why Earn an Online MPH?

Expand your opportunities and enhance your academic credentials in the rapidly growing healthcare industry with your online Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from The University of Arizona Global Campus. Unlike individual care doctors, becoming a public health professional prepares you for bettering the health of large populations, as you can create various programs, systems, and policies that will benefit their health needs.

Whether you are a current or aspiring health professional, this MPH degree provides you with a flexible online education that will build upon previous knowledge and work experience to improve the health of the communities where you live and work.

Global Campus' master of public health program does not require you to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) to be admitted. This standardized test has long been a requirement to be considered for admission to most traditional campus-based MPH programs. By not requiring you to take the GRE, you will have a master’s degree option that is more affordable and convenient.

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What you will learn

The Master of Public Health degree examines the socio-environmental issues responsible for health-related behaviors that lead to disease, mortality, and health disparities. Through your online MPH degree coursework, you will gain an understanding of the biological and social determinants of health while exploring key public health issues through epidemiology, biostatistics, and research. You will learn how to create, plan, administer, and evaluate public health programs in diverse settings, including research institutions, health care facilities, community organizations, schools, and governmental agencies both large and small. Upon completion of your online master of public health, you will be able to:

  • Design and conduct assessments that integrate the concepts, methods, and tools of public health data collection, analysis, interpretation, and evidence-based reasoning to determine the health status and/or health needs of a population
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills and the ability to interact with both diverse individuals and communities utilizing public health education, community empowerment, and information dissemination
  • Integrate public health theories, models, and concepts across a broad range of disciplines (social, scientific, behavioral, etc.) into public health research and practice to produce or impact an intended public health outcome
  • Apply quantitative and qualitative research findings found in medical, public health, and social science journals to the identification and pursuit of opportunities for promoting health and preventing disease across the lifespan and for enhancing public health preparedness
  • Evaluate how the biological, environmental, socioeconomic, behavioral, and cultural determinants of health influence the global and societal burden of disease and contribute to health disparities
  • Apply systems thinking concepts to effectively implement and manage public health interventions as members of interdisciplinary teams
  • Evaluate how the legal, ethical, economic, and regulatory dimensions of health care and public health systems influence public health policies

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Your Courses in Public Health

Serve the greater good – earn your Master of Public Health from the University of Arizona Global Campus. Your MPH curriculum includes online courses in biostatistics, epidemiology, and health services administration, as well as a Practicum where you will gain real-world professional experience. You will also choose to follow one of two program tracks to add extra focus to your master of public health online degree.

Major Course Requirements
(27 credits, all courses 3 credits, except where noted.)

Public Health Tracks
The Master of Public Health degree program provides you with an additional opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills in a specific health discipline. You will select a 15-credit track to complete your program. Select one of the following tracks:

Generalist Track Courses
Health Care Administration Track Courses

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Careers in Public Health

When you graduate with your Master of Public Health, you will be prepared for leadership roles in the health services industry. Whether you enjoy the research aspect of public health or prefer managing individuals and programs, there is a public health career that fits your interests and needs. Achieving your online master of public health can also be a path for those looking to doctoral level studies. Take a look at some of the potential public health career options you could pursue.

Still on the fence? Explore some additional reasons to pursue a Master's in Public Health.  

Public Health Careers

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This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. Please check out other programs to reach your education goals such as the BA in Health and Wellness.

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Are you currently a licensed RN?

This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. Please check out other programs to reach your education goals such as the BA in Health and Wellness.