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Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services

Online PhD in Human Services

Be a helping hand to some of society’s most vulnerable citizens with your doctorate in human services online from the University of Arizona Global Campus. You will explore all facets of the human services field while developing the leadership skills to guide human services organizations.

This PhD program also requires you to focus your studies by selecting a specialization that aligns with your career and research interests. When pursuing your PhD in human services from the University of Arizona Global Campus, you will join students who have diverse interests and a shared passion for helping others and empowering their communities.

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What you will learn

Your Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services explores the history, systems, theories, strategies, and policies of the human services field. You will also develop your research and scholarship skills as you work toward the preparation of your doctoral dissertation. This doctorate degree in human services is designed to not only advance your knowledge as a human services professional but also to prepare you for the requirements associated with your specialization of choice. When you graduate with the PhD in Human Services, Standard Program of Study, you will be able to:

  • Design research related to human services theories and systems
  • Critique incorporation of social justice matters in human services organizations
  • Assess human services performance structures, capacity building, and talent development implementation strategies
  • Evaluate concepts, skills, and policies and initiatives that are fundamental to ethical and legal practice in the human services settings
  • Formulate strategies to navigate the complexities of human services systems based on best practices
  • Advocate for specific strategies, standards, policies, practices, and service delivery methods using multiple communication methods

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Your Courses in Human Services

The PhD in Human Services includes 11 core courses, plus one (1) elective research course, five (5) specialization courses, and a capstone seminar. The coursework leads up to your doctoral dissertation, which includes two (2) dissertation planning courses as well as five (5) units of the dissertation course. The doctorate in human services courses are instructed by faculty members who all have earned doctorates themselves. These qualified faculty members will enliven your discussions by teaching theory that they themselves have used in their professional careers.

Core, Research, Capstone, and Dissertation Course Requirements: (47 credits)

Note: you must select either RES 7415 or RES 7440 to fulfill the Research Course Requirement.

Specializations in Human Services

To add further focus to your doctorate in Human Services degree, you will select a specialization in a specific area of human services or choose to follow the Standard Program of Study. Each specialization is 15 credits. Choose from the following human services specializations: 

Mental Health Administration Doctoral

Nonprofit Management Doctoral

Standard Human Services Doctoral

Careers in Human Services

The Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services will prepare you for leadership roles at human services organizations and can be a strategic way for you to advance your career in this competitive field. You can become equipped to help clients navigate social services in various applications around the country. View some of the potential career options that may be available to you once you complete this human services PhD program.


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Are you currently a licensed RN?

This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. Please check out other programs to reach your education goals such as the BA in Health and Wellness.

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Are you currently a licensed RN?

This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. Please check out other programs to reach your education goals such as the BA in Health and Wellness.