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Find out how your employees could earn a degree with no loan debt at the University of Arizona Global Campus. Employees will reap the life-changing benefits of higher education, and you’ll experience the return on your investment for years to come.

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Two Options For Savings

Full Tuition Grant

The University of Arizona Global Campus partners with your organization to offer a grant that works with your tuition assistance program to cover student costs. As part of the program, employees agree not to receive student financial aid while in the program. As a result, the employee incurs no new student loan debt.


Tuition Benefit

The University of Arizona Global Campus works with your organization to establish reductions and waivers on tuition and other fees. Possible reductions include a tuition grant, technology fee waiver, first course material waiver, and Prior Learning Assessment fee waiver. Employees earn a degree at a reduced cost.


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I thought I needed to have staff in front of me in order for me to fully learn the information, but to my surprise, online schooling has been just as beneficial as a classroom setting.

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My biggest accomplishments include earning my education and marrying someone who believes in me and pushes me to my limits.

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The reason why I decided to get a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications is because as an African American male, I believe there are certain news stories I can relate to because I am Black. I think now, more than ever, it is important to see African American writers getting their stories out to the public to see.

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