If you have a knack for organization and management or enjoy collaborating with others to reach a common goal, you might consider a bachelor’s degree in business administration to grow your skills for a future in business. In fact, the online business administration degree from the University of Arizona Global Campus will not only prepare you for a variety of career options, but it is IACBE accredited, ensuring that you will receive the quality instruction you need to be successful in the business world. Keep reading to learn more about the business administration program and what earning a BA in Business Administration can mean for your career. 

Why Study Business Administration?

Pursuing a business administration degree can positively impact your career and personal life, as it can provide you with the skills needed to make financial and management decisions in your career and in your own life. Additionally, a business administration degree positions you for a variety of career paths but specifically prepare you for a career in business or management, applicable to your industry of choice.

Upon completion of your degree, you should be able to:

  • Examine the role of competitive advantage in business environments using strategic and operational methods. 
  • Compare and contrast regional, national, and international business environments.
  • Evaluate the legal, social, political, and economic environments of business.
  • Analyze financial information and other business data to ensure effective managerial decision-making.
  • Design effective solutions by diagnosing organizational problems.
  • Create a strategic business plan.

Dr. Ronald Beach, program chair for the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program for the Forbes School of Business and Technology® at UAGC, says that “the skills needed in business administration come down to two types: the business management and the leadership.” As such, in studying business administration with UAGC, you’ll gain the critical thinking and leadership skills you need to compare and contrast different business environments, analyze financial information to inform decisions, create strategic business plans, and other key abilities. 

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Additionally, the online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree program gives you the opportunity to add a specialization so you can focus on the industry or type of work that interests you most. You can select from 11 specializations including information systems, and marketing, each one consisting of four (4) three-credit courses. 

You may even choose to continue on to graduate school to pursue your MBA, allowing you to hone your skillset even further and expand your career opportunities even more. 

With the UAGC business administration degree, you have the flexibility to take each five-week course one at a time, and from anywhere online. The University of Arizona Global Campus also offers specific business degree scholarships, whether you are pursuing your bachelor’s degree or your master’s degree. 

The 4 Benefits of Studying and Earning a Business Administration Degree

Does a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration sound like the right fit for you and your career? Let’s walk through the benefits of this degree, the careers available, and how to take the next steps. 

  1. There is a high demand for your services and expertise as a business administrator

    In today’s ever-growing global business marketplace, the need for business admin professionals is high. Local, regional, national, and multinational companies are always on the lookout for top talent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), business administration bachelor’s degrees are in very high demand, along with accounting and finance degrees. In fact, the BLS expects demand to grow between 7-23% between now and 2026. 
  2. You’ll gain knowledge of modern management tools and techniques

    Business administration focuses on the management and administration of businesses of all sizes. Companies are in constant need of skilled managers who are familiar with modern tools and techniques, who can effectively manage workers, and who can ensure the efficiency and proper functionality of their teams. Today’s business administration programs are focused on advancements in the field, such as a deep understanding of competitive advantages across a multitude of business environments, effective decision-making via financial and data analysis, and designing effective solutions to modern workplace and organizational problems to help streamline communication across efficient workforces.  
  3. There are a multitude of available career paths

    Career growth with a focus on business administration also continues on an upward trend, with job options plentiful and varied. A business administration degree provides graduates with a starting point for a vast number of career paths. The common industries for those with a bachelor’s degree in business administration are investment banking and small business management. For those with an MBA, you can also consider areas such as general and operations management, management analysis, or even a career in government. 
  4. Opportunities for advancement abound

    Because of the flexibility and broad applications involved with business administration, those with a degree may be able to quickly take on more responsibilities and sometimes advance into managerial roles. A bachelor’s degree in business administration is a great way to get the skills you need to become an entrepreneur, pursue a job search in business, pursue careers with local, state, or federal government, or consider a career in investment banking or small business management.

Ready For a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration?

If you’re ready for a career in Business Administration, visit the University of Arizona Global Campus website and start your application today. You’re just a few clicks away from getting started with your degree and stepping into a flexible, in-demand, and satisfying career in business administration. 

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