Mikayla Wombacher

BA in Accounting

…after I have a degree, many doors will be opened.



Once she started attending college, Mikayla Wombacher discovered an unexpected passion for learning. At Ashford University*, she is following that passion to earn a degree and set herself up for a gratifying career.

“I began my college career directly after graduating high school in May of 2013 and began college in August 2013,” Mikayla says. “I have always really liked school and have always done well, but when I started college, I began to excel and found a passion for learning.”

Mikayla started at a community college and maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout her time there. Having discovered a knack for learning, Mikayla was encouraged to continue her education after completing her associate degree. 

She took the credits she earned in her associate program and transferred them toward the Bachelor of Arts in Accounting program at the Forbes School of Business and Technology™ at Ashford University. She was attracted to the school because of its online format.

“I have noticed that I tend to be much more successful in online classes than in-person classes because I feel that I am able to get more out of the class because I do not have to rely solely on the instructor for the information learned in the class,” she says. “I also feel that with online classes, you get out of the class what you put into it. I usually put 110% into my classes and I am able to see that hard work pay off.”

That is certainly true. Mikayla has been able to continue her 4.0 GPA in her bachelor’s program. Because of her academic accomplishments, Mikayla has been able to join four different honor societies. At her community college, she joined Phi Theta Kappa. And at Ashford, she has added Sigma Beta Delta, Alpha Sigma Lambda, and Golden Key International Honour Society to her impressive list of affiliations.

Furthermore, Mikayla was recently honored with the Gloria Clark Fellowship Award. The monetary award is giving out by Sigma Beta Delta to help outstanding students in business, management, and administration pay for their education.

Not only has Mikayla been excelling in her classes at Ashford, she’s been enjoying them, too. 

“My favorite classes have been ACC 308 Accounting Information Systems and ACC 310 Cost Accounting I,” she says. “My favorite teacher that I have had is Brenda Forde. She was an outstanding instructor and she was so personable and friendly. It really made the two courses that I had with her enjoyable.”

Mikayla is scheduled to complete her degree in the spring of 2018, and she is looking forward to the new opportunities that will be available after graduation. 

“As of right now, I would not necessarily be able to get the job I want in my desired field,” Mikayla says. “But after I have a degree, many doors will be opened.”

She also sees her bachelor’s degree as a source of future inspiration. 

“The only person that I hope to inspire by graduating with a bachelor’s degree is myself,” she says. “By getting a degree, I hope to inspire myself to continue to strive to be successful and continue chasing my goals.”


* Ashford University is now the University of Arizona Global Campus

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