Industrial Organizational Psychology Specialization

Develop your scientific knowledge of workplace behavior with the Industrial Organizational Psychology specialization from the University of Arizona Global Campus. Use your knowledge to improve performance, increase productivity, and enhance employee satisfaction to meet changing business demands. With a wide range of applications across multiple functional areas, this program is designed for innovative business leaders like you. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.

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Industrial Organizational Psychology Specialization for Graduate Degrees

The advanced seminars in the Doctor of Psychology, Industrial Organizational Psychology specialization will train you in creativity, breakthrough thinking, and human performance. Learn how to apply psychological theories, methods, and principles to address workplace challenges and enhance individual, team, and organizational success.

Degrees Offering the Industrial Organizational Psychology Specialization

Graduate Industrial Organizational Psychology Specialization Courses

ORG 8500 Advanced Topics in Organizational Consulting

3 Credits

This course focuses on the application of psychological principles to the workplace and how psychologists can facilitate the improvement of work environments, conditions, employee performance, and interpersonal/team functioning. In addition, the course provides a review of the basic theory, research, and practice in organizational training, development, and behavior. Topics covered include job performance and attitudes, work motivation, personnel selection and classification, group influence, and training and development. There is an emphasis on the contribution of specific psychological skills in organizational consultation.

ORG 8512 Leadership & Organizational Cultures

3 Credits

This course addresses the key relationships among organizational culture, executing business strategy, structuring organizations into teams and workgroups, and aligning these with culture. The role of leaders in creating, maintaining, and changing culture gets special emphasis. The course includes current theories on the role of culture in organizational success and the role of leadership in guiding the organization and its culture toward successful outcomes.

ORG 8518 Professional & Business Ethics in Organizational Leadership

3 Credits

This advanced seminar examines enduring issues in business and professional ethics and applying proven approaches to ethical professional practice and organizational operations to contemporary organizational environments and issues.

ORG 8530 Influence, Motivation & Persuasion in the Workplace

3 Credits

This advanced graduate seminar explores theories of motivating adult performance in the workplace. The exploration includes theories and application of methods for leaders to influence and persuade others in ways that motivate and engage them in their work and their organization's mission.

ORG 8534 Advanced Seminar: Human Resources Business Strategy

3 Credits

This advanced graduate seminar explores issues and models for leveraging human resources to execute business strategy. Topics include succession planning, leadership development models, workforce staffing models, compensation models, and training and development strategies.

ORG 8615 Advanced Topics in Organizational Development & Leadership

3 Credits

This highly experiential course explores current issues and practices in the application of leadership and organizational development processes and systems. Topics include succession planning, facilitation skills, leading across global cultures, strategic planning, transforming organizational cultures, implementing effective leadership development programs, and other current topics. Learning methodology include simulated organizational environments and the development of realistic strategic plans, systems, and processes that address the issues that impact the performance of organizations viewed as a whole.

ORG 8619 Current & Global Issues in Industrial & Organizational Psychology

3 Credits

Due to the rapidly and continually changing nature of industrial and organizational (I/O) psychology, it is important for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to stay abreast of current and emerging issues in the field. Given that many of the changes occurring in the field of I/O are due to the globalization of the business would, particular emphasis will be focused on the role and practice of I/O in the complex environment of global organizations. In this advanced seminar, students explore current and global issues that attract the attention of researchers and practitioners in I/O psychology, as evidenced by the published literature, with an emphasis on learning the application and implementation of best practices and emerging theories in the field. Topics in the seminar will evolve along with the issues that appear most often in the I/O literature, issues that receive the most attention in the professional and business press, and current lines of research having the most impact on the field.

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This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. Please check out other programs to reach your education goals such as the BA in Health and Wellness.