Sport Performance Psychology Specialization

Empower teams and individuals to be their best with the Sport and Performance Psychology specialization from the University of Arizona Global Campus. This graduate program represents the height of performance enhancement education in sports, and its ultimate goal is for you to create actualization, awareness, self-mastery, and peak experience for both groups and individuals in your practice. Perfect the techniques that make people more effective in their sport. Your Sport and Performance Psychology specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.

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Sport and Performance Psychology Specialization for Graduate Degrees

Your Sport and Performance Psychology specialization explores strategies to enhance human performance. The diverse curriculum includes advanced psychology courses and seminars in human development, coaching, cultural diversity, and mind-body practices.


Degrees Offering the Sport and Performance Psychology Specialization


Doctor of Psychology

Graduate Sport and Performance Psychology Specialization Courses

PSY 7301 Advanced Performance Enhancement I: Core Mind-Body Practices

3 Credits

This course presents mind-body practices that provide the core elements of behaviors for individual and team performance. The student will learn to practice and to teach mastery of cognitive and physical skills to control systemic arousal and focusing behavior. The course will provide tools to construct performance profiles on individuals taking into account age, gender and cultural parameters. This depth of analysis provides the foundation to effectively integrate mind-body practices with performance enhancement. The student will be given strategies for measuring the efficacy of applying mind-body practices in diverse settings.

PSY 7305 Advanced Psychomotor Development & Kinesiology

3 Credits

This course explores the practical applications of physiological and psychomotor dimensions of performance. The curriculum provides a comprehensive analysis of human movement and mental training applications. Parameters for measuring the stress response will be explored in conjunction with optimizing human performance. The lifelong developmental aspects of physiological and motor behavior will be examined.

PSY 7310 Ethics for Sport and Performance Psychology Consultation

3 Credits

This course examines the ethical and legal issues confronting the sport psychology professional (SPP). Topics related to ethics, standards of practice, and interpersonal relationships in sport and performance psychology are explored. Students learn principles of ethical decision-making, standards of care specified by state and federal laws, boundaries of competence, diversity, informed consent, privacy and confidentiality, and avoiding bias, harm or exploitation. Students gain knowledge regarding the specifics of the current codes of ethics of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), American Psychological Association (APA), and American Counseling Association (ACA).

PSY 7314 Rehabilitation in Sports & Performance

3 Credits

This course examines crucial rehabilitation topics in sports and performance. The curriculum provides methods of psychological evaluation and treatment for injuries, addictions, eating disorders, and burnout. Students will investigate the dynamics of aggression in sports and performance settings. Retirement issues and exercise adherence strategies are explored. Inclusive in the course is a special debate section challenging students to confront current ethical issues in the field.

PSY 7317 Advanced Group Dynamics in Sports & Performance Settings

3 Credits

This course examines the integral relationship between leadership, communication, and group performance. The curriculum applies group and team principles to diverse populations such as youth, special needs, high-profile performers and support networks. Leadership is studied within the context of group functioning. Students will develop research protocols for assessing group and team functioning.

PSY 7321 Advanced Performance Enhancement III: The Psychology of Peak Experience

3 Credits

This course is the pinnacle of performance enhancement teachings. The emphasis in this course is the development of advanced awareness skills in the attainment of self-mastery. The student learns how to guide individual goal achievement in congruence with current skills. The ultimate goal for the student is to recognize and cultivate individual and group experiences that are characterized by such terms as optimal performance, actualization, effortless awareness, flow, and peak experience.

PSY 7330 Sports & Performance Psychology as a Business

3 Credits

This course assists students in developing personal business plans. The curriculum addresses the financial, legal and ethical issues encountered in sports and performance psychology. The course gives the student persuasive arguments to use with clients to prevent their use of licit and illicit drugs and performance enhancing substances, as well as advising clients who have already used illicit substances and how to handle accusations against them for substance use or abuse. Potential career opportunities are identified and compared. The student will prepare a personal resume, market analysis and comprehensive business plan.

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