Quinette Covington

BA in Sociology

Ashford* was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life, and I do not regret a single moment



“Learning is a continuous process,” explains Quinette Covington, a medical professional and small business owner whose academic path doesn’t have a defined endpoint. Because of her relentless pursuit of knowledge, she fits the definition of a lifelong learner.

Quinette already had one degree under her belt (and 14 years in her profession), when she chose to pursue her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the College of Liberal Arts in the summer of 2016. The opportunity to go to school online was one that she could not say no to, largely because an on-campus program didn’t fit with her work and family schedule.
A believer that an education can “assist in stabilizing one’s life,” Quinette was also looking for a program that would expand her mind, making her “well-rounded, knowledgeable, and employable” in the future. But her education would lead to so much more, both personally and professionally.

Although she found the curriculum in her degree program to be “extremely challenging,” Quinette has consistently placed on the Dean’s List, and earned a spot in the Alpha Sigma Lambda and Golden Key International honor societies.
Quinette was also eligible to apply to the prestigious Honors College. The college, comprised of top Bachelor’s students, offers specialized curriculum focused on critical thinking, and gave Quinette a “better understanding and appreciation for teamwork and leadership.”

“This [Honors College] acceptance was more than something to brag about,” she says, “[It’s] more of an accomplishment. There are lessons that are not a part of the regular colleges. I recommend anyone who is eligible to apply.”

In addition, Quinette’s sociology program would give her valuable insight into complicated subjects such as Public Policy and Social Services, Social Theory, and Research Methods. These courses will help lay the foundation for a Master of Public Administration degree, which Quinette plans to pursue after graduation in Spring 2018.

When she does start her new degree, she may even take on another title: role model. Like many students who excel in the online learning platform, Quinette plans to participate in UAGC's CHAMPS Peer Mentoring program, which pairs new students with high-achieving upper-level students. These mentor/mentee partnerships allow new learners the opportunity to become familiar with all aspects of the University, while also gaining valuable networking skills.

“I feel that my life has changed since Ashford* because I have grown into a better-informed professional,” Quinette says, adding that she’s “ecstatic” that her adult son may even follow in her footsteps and pursue his degree at her future alma mater.

“Ashford was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life,” she says. “And I do not regret a single moment.”


* Ashford University is now the University of Arizona Global Campus

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