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Your instructor has recommended that you turn to the Writing Center for help. Don’t despair. You’re not alone. After all, it’s one of the most popular resources at the University of Arizona Global Campus. But with so many useful guides and support, it may be difficult to know what you need to do once you arrive at the online service. 

The University of Arizona Global Campus Writing Center has 4 areas of support—all available 24/7. They are: 

  • Live Writing Tutoring
  • Paper Review
  • Website Guides
  • Grammarly

To help you best navigate the Writing Center, here are some tips on when and why to use the 4 support areas. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll know how to get the information and guidance you need to succeed.

1.    Live Writing Tutoring

If you would like to work immediately and one-on-one with a writing expert, you should consider using the Live Writing Tutorial service. By doing so you will be able to:

  • Understand assignment directions
  • Ask a specific writing or formatting question
  • Help understand your Turnitin report and how to avoid plagiarism 
  • Receive feedback on a short piece of writing, such as a thesis statement, paragraph, discussion post, or references list 
  • Ask a question about a revision suggestion you received on a paper review

2.     Paper Review

You should consider using the Paper Review service when you have a partial or complete first draft of an assignment that you’d like to have reviewed for areas other than grammar. 

To submit the request, you’ll need to fill out a submission form, upload your draft, and allow 24 hours to receive your reviewed paper. In the paper review, you’ll see comments and suggestions for revision from a writing expert on:

  • Organization
  • Thesis statement/focus
  • Topic & paragraph development
  • Integrating research
  • Citation and reference citations
  • Academic voice & style

After revising your writing based on these suggestions, use Grammarly to check your work for grammar and punctuation errors.

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3.    Website Guides

You can use the Website Guides when you want to self-help. To quickly find self-help guides, use the search bar on the Writing Center website to:

  • Review writing guidelines & tips 
  • See writing samples for various types of writing or assignments
  • See APA formatting and citation examples
  • Better understand how to avoid plagiarism

4. Grammarly

If you require an immediate check on your grammar and punctuation, this is the service for you. Grammarly is a program, so it works immediately to correct errors in your writing. Don’t use the Paper Review service for grammar checks, which takes up to 24 hours. Grammarly can provide immediate editing of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Check out the Grammarly page for more information on how to access the tool and the ways to use it. 
The experts at the Global Campus Writing Center encourage you to try each area of support services and to use them early and often to help you to grow and improve as a writer. For additional information, check out the FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide or send an email.


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