School of General Studies

Our Mission

The School of General Studies oversees general education and the creation of degrees, certificates, credentials, and educational pathways that provide opportunities for all learners to develop skills and knowledge that will improve their lives. We seek to develop a focus on lifelong learning, critical thinking, and problem solving in all students, immersing them in an engaging and transformative experience. Committed to student learning and achievement, we encourage students to explore their curiosity and creativity, while connecting their learning to career success and global citizenship. We are a community of caring, open, and creative educators working to empower students through the development of their creative and intellectual potential. 

Our Vision

A world with global access to education that creates flourishing lives.

Our Purpose

The School of General Studies creates diverse educational pathways with the goal of removing barriers to entry for all learners. We aspire to cultivate essential life skills, curiosity, and transformative knowledge. By prioritizing lifelong learning, support, persistence, and completion, we empower learners with the tools they need to thrive in their careers and lives.

The School of General Studies is focused on four critical goals at UAGC:  

  • RETAIN students during their first year of enrollment 
  • Support COMPLETION of programs and educational goals driven by student-based timelines 
  • Enhance students’ ECONOMIC RETURN

We work diligently and comprehensively to support students and help them develop core competency skills that will lead to future success. Our general education experience is composed of pathways that also focus on essential employability and life skills that are immediately applicable in academics and students’ professions. Helping students attain meaningful skills and credentials that will improve their career opportunities and personal lives is at the foundation of the School of General Studies. Our student-focused, creative, and collaborative faculty work diligently to foster a caring and transformative educational space that meets the needs of our diverse student body.   


  • Develop and implement programs and initiatives that build competencies and employability skills to equip students for personal and professional growth.  
  • Foster an environment that inspires lifelong learning, creativity, and curiosity among students and faculty, encouraging a culture of continuous exploration and intellectual development.
  • Create and streamline credential pathways that provide transparent routes for students to achieve educational and professional goals.  
  • Provide comprehensive academic and non-academic support, enabling students to persist and succeed in their studies while navigating their responsibilities. 
  • Develop and promote a culture that recognizes setbacks, ambiguity, and failure as essential components for future growth and the realization of individual potential. 
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