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“We share an obligation as educators, learners, and citizens to take action. We must speak out against injustice and seek through the guarantees available to us as a free people, to bring about the change that will result in achieving our dream of a free and just society.”

— Craig D. Swenson, Ph.D. University of Arizona Global Campus President


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  • George Floyd and Accreditation - WSCUC is a community of nearly 200 institutions of higher education, and many of the leaders of those institutions have raised their own voices.  Here are some of what our leaders, including Dr. Craig Swenson,the University of Arizona Global Campus President, are saying and thinking at this somber moment in our history. 

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  • GlobalmindED Virtual Conference – Collaboration is at the heart of the GlobalMindED conference.  Hundreds of dedicated professionals and students will come together to learn from world famous keynote speakers and take part in breakout sessions that target educational change. They will share what has worked in classrooms throughout the country and come away with ways to craft innovative approaches in different settings.

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Career Management Guides for Diverse Professionals: Developed by Global Campus Career Services, these guides collate inclusive resources related to job search, professional organizations, and workplace culture. From diversity-focused job boards to real-life accounts of workplace success, each guide seeks to engage with the unique challenges faced by diverse professionals in the job market and workplace.


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