Student Rights and Responsibilities

Academic Resolution


Academic Resolution provides students an opportunity to seek redress of academic concerns to ensure their instructional experience represents a fair and consistent evaluation of student performance.


Academic Resolution Process

If a student has a concern about an instructor or their course and/or would like to formally request a revised letter grade, the student should first attempt to resolve their concerns with their instructor. If the student and instructor are not able to resolve the matter, the student may utilize the Academic Resolution process.

Students utilizing the Academic Resolution process are responsible for:

  • Providing details and documentation that supports their request;
  • Outlining their desired outcome;
  • Engaging with a Student Affairs representative.

Grading is subjective and at the discretion of the instructor. A request for a revised letter grade may be submitted if the following conditions exist:

  • An error was made in the calculation of the course grade;
  • The instructor was incorrect with respect to an objective fact within the discipline, and this error affected the student’s final grade.


Resources for Students



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Student Conduct


The Office of Student Conduct educates and supports the members of the University of Arizona Global Campus community through developmental opportunities that address individual needs ensuring all act in accordance with the values of integrity, fairness, respect, community, and responsibility.


Conduct Process

The purpose of the University of Arizona Global Campus Student Conduct Process is to provide:

  • Fairness during all aspects of this process
  • Prompt response to all allegations and reports of student breaches of the Standards
  • Respect and compassion in all interactions with students
  • Adherence to the Online Student Community Standards Disciplinary Processes as documented in the University of Arizona Global Campus Academic Catalog
  • An environment that embraces all forms of diversity


Resources for Students



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Please note that this page is designed to provide only an outline of various Academic Resolution and Student Conduct and Community Standards policies and procedures. For a more detailed description of any information provided on this page, please refer to the Student Rights and Responsibilities section of the University of Arizona Global Campus Academic Catalog.

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