IT Organizational Management and Leadership Specialization

Become the go-to person on your team. With a specialization in IT Organizational Management and Leadership, you will be able to demonstrate how the theories, principles, and skills in information systems are integrated with business demands. Integrate knowledge, skills, and principles derived from the core course elements into the enterprise management of IT. Apply ethical and organizational leadership concepts to the management of enterprise IT. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.

IT Organizational Management and Leadership Specialization for Graduate Degrees

The IT Organizational Management and Leadership specialization examines the crucial role information systems can play in the leadership of organizations. The three (3), three (3) credit courses in this specialization combine elements of technology and management. Topics covered include business ethics, organizational change, social responsibility, IT leadership, and the management of technology.

Degrees Offering the IT Organizational Management and Leadership Specialization

Graduate IT Organizational Management and Leadership Specialization Courses

To earn your Master of Information Systems Management with a specialization in IT Organizational Management and Leadership, you must complete these three courses in addition to the core Information Systems Management courses.

BUS 661 Leading Organizational Change

3 Credits

This course blends theories of leadership with concepts and models of organizational change. The change process consists of a series of steps that focuses on vision, implementation, change agents, and other internal and external components. The course provides insight into types of changes that impact organizations and possible strategies to effectively address those changes.

ISM 670 IT Organizational Management and Leadership Capstone

3 Credits

In this capstone, students will integrate professional practices explored in the Master of Information Systems program core courses with concepts presented in the Organizational Management and Leadership specialization courses. Topics in IT leadership, database systems, networking, software design, human computer interaction, management of technology, and ethics are applied within a framework of global e-business technology strategy. Through projects, students draw from real organizational scenarios to practice major information technology concepts. Students select, develop, and present a significant technology implementation project. The project will incorporate organizational management and leadership strategies, systems development, and business planning. Prerequisites: INF 630, ISM 640, ISM 641, ISM 642, OMM 622, ISM 643, ISM 644, ISM 645, OMM 640 and BUS 661.

OMM 640 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility

3 Credits

This course analyzes organizational, professional and personal ethics and creates a framework for exploring the social responsibilities of managers and organizational leaders. Various methodologies will be used to explore ways to encourage ethical development and moral behavior within organizational culture and to resolve business ethical issues and dilemmas. 

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