Accounting Specialization

Develop and strengthen your organizational and leadership skills with a specialization in Accounting. When you add the Accounting specialization to your degree program, you will be able to supplement your learning with courses designed to dive deeper into topics such as advanced accounting, auditing, tax research, and foreign currency transaction reporting. Learn more about the individual classes required to add a specialization in accounting to your degree program. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.

Accounting Specialization for Graduate Degrees

With a Master of Accountancy from the Forbes School of Business & Technology™ at the University of Arizona Global Camps, you will develop skills you need to apply principles of accounting to solve real-world problems. Personalize your graduate degree with a specialization. When you choose this specialization, you focus your studies on a unique aspect of accounting. A graduate degree specialization is three courses, worth nine credits.

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Degrees Offering the Accounting Specialization


Ma Accountancy

Graduate Accounting Specialization Courses

To achieve your Master of Accountancy with a specialization in accounting, you must complete these three courses of the Accounting specialization in addition to the core accounting courses.

ACC 611 Advanced Tax Research

3 Credits

This course is designed with an emphasis on developing research skills related to complex tax issues. The focus is on interpretation of tax law and finding support for various positions on difficult tax issues related to a variety of business, personal and estate tax issues.

ACC 612 Advanced Financial Accounting

3 Credits

This course expands on the basic financial reporting concept with a focus on business combination reporting for corporations and partnerships, foreign currency transaction reporting and financial statement translation, and financial statement note disclosure.

ACC 695 Accounting Capstone

3 Credits

This course is designed to bring together knowledge gained from the previous program courses and allow the student to demonstrate how the various components of an accounting system work together. Broadly the course encompasses complex accounting concepts, financial statement reporting, taxes, risks, information systems, auditing, business law, and ethics.

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