Military Support Team

Whether you are an active-duty service member, veteran, military spouse, or dependent, you are never alone at the University of Arizona Global Campus. From the time you enroll to graduation and beyond, there is a military support team to assist you every step of the way on your academic journey.

Military Enrollment Services Advisor:

You will have a Military Enrollment Services Advisor who will support you through the entire process, and to whom you can direct your questions. The Military Enrollment Services Advisor (ESA) is part of a team designated and trained to advise military-affiliated students and student veterans and will serve as the central point of contact for information regarding enrollment, academics, and financial advising. The ESA is trained in Military Tuition Assistance (TA), Title IV funding, education benefits offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and other university services available to service members. Call 1.800.798.0584 to speak to an experienced Military Enrollment Services Advisor.

Military/Veteran Financial Services:

Your Financial Services Advisor (FSA), Military Tuition Assistance Specialist or Veterans Affairs Coordinator will be available to provide insight and guidance on payment options and resources, help you manage your account, avoid balance issues, and counsel you on loan repayment options. You can ask your Military FSA anything about the financial aspect of going to school.

Send an email to [email protected] or [email protected].

Military Registrar Support Representative:

The Registrar’s office oversees a team of Military Matriculation Specialists (MMS) responsible for reviewing the Student Agreement prior to submission. The MMS manages the reissuance of degree plans when a student’s plans change. They also complete the required reporting for the different service branches. Your MMS will ensure you can easily navigate UAGC policies and procedures, most notably when it comes to your student records. Count on this team to help you successfully transition in and out of college. For more information, contact your assigned academic advisor.

Military Admissions and Matriculation Coordinators:

Our Military Admissions and Matriculation Coordinators (MAMCs) are responsible for qualifying and enrolling applicants, completing pre-evaluations for prospective and current students looking to change their program, and evaluating students’ official transcripts from previous institutions to apply any applicable credits to their UAGC program. MAMCs also assist with start date and program changes, re-entry activity for students who have been out of attendance for less than a year and want to return, and work to verify if a national testing program or course taken at another school would transfer in for a student. For more information, contact your assigned academic advisor.

Military Academic Advisor:

Once a military-affiliated student completes their first course, they are assigned a Military Academic Advisor, who takes over from the Enrollment Services Advisor. Military Academic Advisors are trained in TA policies and procedures, Title IV funding, education benefits offered by the VA, and available university services for service members. This approach provides students with an available point of contact for academic and administrative direction throughout their academic programs. Academic Advisors assist the student with course registration, clarify university policies and procedures, and provide resources to support military and veteran students to help them achieve success in their educational journeys.

If you have questions about enrolling in a degree program or your current degree program, contact a Military Academic Advisor at 1.866.711.1700.

Military Student Advocate:

The Office of Student Access and Wellness has a Military Access and Wellness Program Counselor whose primary role is to oversee the process for military and veteran student requests for academic accommodations and disability counseling. They provide military-focused support to disabled active-duty, veteran, and transitioning service members and their families. With an understanding of the unique needs that military students face, the Office of Student Access and Wellness provides disability support for diagnoses including post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, depression, anxiety, chronic illness, and a variety of other medical conditions.

Email [email protected] to connect with the Military Access and Wellness Program Manager.

Military Career Services:

As a student and alum, active-duty military service members, veterans, and active-duty military or veteran spouses have access to Career Services and Alumni Relations for life. Contact Career Services at 1.866.974.5700 ext. 20057 or [email protected] to learn more.

Military Alliance Manager:

The Military Alliance Manager conducts military installation visits for relationship building with Education Service Advisors (ESA) and to provide updates on the university. In addition, to conduct one-on-one advising with current University students, answer any concerns or questions of current and prospective students and connect them with university resources. If you have questions about when the Military Alliance Manager will be visiting your base, please contact 1.858.668.2586 ext. 20325.

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