Your mastery of evolving technologies will carry you far during your career, provided you remain one step ahead of the curve. Professionals of every age and experience level know that tools, systems, and processes will shift with the changing winds of the tech industry. For that reason, it is imperative that you build a strong foundation of knowledge and capabilities so that you’re leading the next evolution, not falling behind it. 

The University of Arizona Global Campus Master of Science in Technology Management is designed with that purpose in mind. This career-focused degree combines technical skills and an exploration of technology-specific fields with essential business knowledge in financial accounting, research and analysis, project management, and communications, among other areas. 

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What is Technology Management?

Professionals with a technology management degree are responsible for making decisions, developing strategy, and determining how technology will be used to achieve an organization’s goals. This applies to everything from the use of company-issued smartphones to the software programs that direct assembly line robots to build automobiles. 

Every organization relies on technology to gain a competitive advantage, and with a Master of Science in Technology Management, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to help them successfully deploy technology to improve decision making, enhance operational efficiencies, prepare policies and action plans, and promote new products and services resulting in organizational profitability.

What You’ll Learn in a Technology Management Degree Program

Your Master of Science in Technology Management is made up of 27 core courses and nine elective courses, all designed to give you a holistic understanding of the role of technology in modern business and how you can use that technology to take your organization further. 

Your courses include Management of Technology, in which you’ll master the leadership skills needed to harness the power of your workforce and technological resources, while exploring the business impact of big data, networks, social media, and advanced analytics.

Courses such as Management of Information Systems further explore the fundamentals of operating systems and data processing from a management perspective, while Technology Strategy and Governance examines foundational security concepts and Information Technology (IT) framework. Leading Organizational Change takes your executive skills to the next level, as you learn to develop strategies for creating a vision and guiding your team or company through changes that are often brought about by advancements in technology. 

As you work your way through your master’s degree program, you’ll also learn the essentials of Financial Accounting and Analysis, Operations Management, while adding valuable time management, research, and technical skills to your resume. 

What You Can Do with a Master’s in Technology Management Degree

A graduate education in technology management can put you in a position to advance your career as an IT manager or IT project manager, an information systems director or manager, an operations director or manager, data processing manager, or engineering manager.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that “computer and information technology occupations” are expected to grow 13 percent through 2026, a rate that’s faster than average. Additionally, the skills you acquire in your Master of Science in Technology Management degree program align directly with the requirements and responsibilities of these jobs. 

For example, the agency defines the roles of IT managers and information systems managers as those who, “plan, coordinate, and direct computer-related activities in an organization.” This lies at the core of your technology management degree program and its Capstone course, which is focused on your applied research and problem-solving skills, technical and business content assessment, project management, and implementation methods, among other capabilities. 

What Are the Benefits of a Technology Management Degree?

Simply put, the greatest benefit of a Technology Management education is job security. Technology is always changing, and in many organizations, automation has begun to replace the human workforce. While the retail, service, and media industries have shed jobs over the past couple of decades, the BLS cites a growing reliance on cloud computing, information security, and big data storage for the hiring surge in technology sectors. 

In a world that increasingly relies on technology, there is no shortage of opportunities for those with the understanding and ability to develop and execute technological strategy. If you’re ready to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly advancing workforce, contact a University advisor today about your Master of Science in Technology Management.

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