Did you know there is a convenient place to get answers to library research, academic writing, and UAGC tutoring questions? QuickAnswers has the answers to these commonly asked questions.

QuickAnswers provides you immediate answers to nearly 200 frequently asked questions curated and created by the UAGC librarians and writing consultants — and it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Imagine you’re completing your course work late at night and you need to know answers to questions such as: “How can I access the ProQuest database?” or “Where is my Writing Center-reviewed paper I submitted yesterday?” or “How do I find primary sources?” Look no further than QuickAnswers.

Read on for a walkthrough of how to access QuickAnswers, as well as the top five UAGC Library, Writing Center, and Tutoring questions submitted by your peers. 

Where Do I Find QuickAnswers?

QuickAnswers is located on both the UAGC Library and UAGC Writing Center websites. Both of these sites are accessed right from your Canvas classroom in the Writing Center & Library tab. You can go directly to QuickAnswers by visiting https://uagconline.libanswers.com/. Consider bookmarking it for quick access! Links to QuickAnswers are located on both the UAGC Library and UAGC Writing Center websites. Both of these sites are accessed right from your Canvas classroom in the Writing Center & Library tab.

UAGC Library

QuickAnswers can be found in the right-hand portion of the UAGC Library homepage under Library Help & Information:

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UAGC Writing Center

QuickAnswers is found at the bottom right-hand portion of the Writing Center website:

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How Do I use QuickAnswers?

Once you are in QuickAnswers, simply type your question in the search box to find matches. For example, if you want more information about scholarly resources, type “scholarly” into the search box. A list of questions will populate. Choose the one that is most closely related to your specific question to get the answer!

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What if I don’t find My Question in QuickAnswers?

If you don’t find your question, you have the option of submitting the question directly to UAGC. Once submitted, your question will be answered within one business day.

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Not sure which questions to ask? You can see the most viewed questions, the most recently created questions, or featured questions by clicking on the tabs just beneath the search box:

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What are the Top 5 Questions Asked?

For a sneak-peek of questions you can ask through QuickAnswers, take a look at the top five questions students click on for Library, Writing, and Tutoring, then click on the links to view the answers.

Library Top 5 Questions:

1.    How do I find an article when I have a citation?
2.    How can I tell if an article is scholarly?
3.    What is a scholarly resource and how do I find one in the library?
4.    How do I find primary sources?
5.    What is a scholarly or peer-reviewed article?

Writing Center Top 5 Questions:

1.    Why is Grammarly asking me for my organization’s unique access code or for payment?
2.    How do I cite a source?
3.    What is an annotated bibliography?
4.    How do I format my paper in APA style?
5.    How do I come up with a thesis statement?

Tutoring Top 5 Questions:

1.    How can I request tutoring transcripts?
2.    Does the library offer tutoring for my classes? How can I find a tutor?
3.    How can I get direct, in-person help like chat or paper review from the UAGC Writing Center?
4.    What are the hours for library tutoring?
5.    Where can I get tutoring assistance?

Answers to your library, writing, and research questions are just a click away at any time. UAGC is there to help you succeed in your academic career — we SupportU!


Written by Allison McDermott, UAGC Librarian, SupportU

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