The complexity of today’s tech industry calls for a diverse skill set. Luckily, the Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Systems at the University of Arizona Global Campus helps students prepare for this by arming them with the critical skills needed to be successful within the computer and information systems industry.

There are a wide range of career opportunities within this industry. Demand for computer and information systems managers will grow as firms increasingly expand their business to digital platforms. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at how a degree in business information systems from the University of Arizona Global Campus can equip you with the skill set and know-how that are necessary in today’s business arena.

Innovation Skills

When we think of innovation, we tend to associate it with the creation of new products or services. However, innovation can come in many forms and can be used to either expedite a particular process or send the correct information to the right people.

As a business information systems graduate, you will know how to plan and coordinate computer-related activities within an organization. By applying innovative techniques, you’ll not only help the organization be more efficient, but you’ll implement various computer systems to meet and exceed their technological goals.

Business Skills

Today’s corporations rely heavily on various technologies in order to be successful. It’s one thing to understand these technologies, but it’s another to be able to communicate them to non-technical users within a business environment.

These kinds of situations are where having business skills comes into play. The Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Systems is saturated with diverse coursework that will help you gain a strong understanding of the business environment. By doing so, you’ll be better equipped to bridge the gap between the information technology and business departments within an organization.

Technical Skills

The technical skill set needed for a career in computer and information systems is what will set you apart from other business career opportunities. Having the technical know-how is imperative to the development of effective information systems solutions within an organization.

As a business information systems graduate, you’ll have a fundamental understanding of information technologies, including networking, database programming, and systems design, along with balanced views of their uses in business context.

Analytical Skills

In order for any business to have an effective technological foundation, its information systems employees must posses the ability to analyze and break down complex issues. These abilities are typically achieved by having strong analytical skills.

Business information systems students at the University of Arizona Global Campus will have multiple opportunities to build and apply their analytical skills in the online classroom. Real world scenarios and business challenges are weaved into the/ coursework, preparing graduates to enter into their respective career paths.

Teambuilding Skills

The online classroom setting can seem isolating at first, but as you begin to engage with the online platform, you’ll notice that you’re far from alone. The student-facing staff, professors, and other students at the University of Arizona Global Campus are literally only a mouse click away.

Because of this connectedness, the degree programs at the University of Arizona Global Campus employ collaborative team skills to accomplish a common goal. This team-building atmosphere transitions into valuable team skills that can be applied to a wide range of industries, especially the business information systems industry.

In conclusion, the Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Systems enables students to develop a diverse skill set aimed at addressing technological and business challenges. If you would like to learn more about this degree program, please visit the Forbes School of Business and explore everything that the University of Arizona Global Campus has to offer.


Written by University Staff


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