Regina Scott

BA in Organizational Management

Be Fierce, don’t let anyone or anything stop you from becoming the very best version of you.



Regina Scott is a dreamer. She had always dreamt of being a police officer. Little did she know that her degree in organizational management from Ashford University* would help her achieve that dream.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Regina went into the military directly after completing high school. In the late 70s, being a female in the Army was not easy. There were very few female role models and the army had yet to integrate male and female roles. Regina persevered and became part of that change as more opportunities became available for women. She reflects on that time by simply stating, “When there is no role model, you can become the role model!”

Regina continued to be a role model when she ventured west to Los Angeles as a single mom with two kids to pursue that dream of becoming a police officer. She often told her kids, “Do as I say and not as I do,” regarding earning her college education. Regina first tried attending a traditional college but could not maintain the schedule while working and raising two children. She became disheartened but continued to hold hope that she would be able to achieve her dream.

Suddenly her outlook began to change when her daughter, while in the Air Force, told Regina about a non-traditional solution - Ashford University. Regina credits finding Ashford University as the reason she is able to discuss her academic success today. The flexibility of online courses allowed her to have it all – a family, profession, and academic dreams. Without her degree, she knew it would be difficult to advance beyond lieutenant. With her degree, Regina has achieved heights well beyond that.

A role model and champion for women throughout the law enforcement community, Regina became the first African-American female to achieve the rank of commander in the LAPD and later deputy chief. She also previously served as president of the Los Angeles Women’s Police Officers Association, where she worked to empower the next generation of women who strive to achieve new heights in law enforcement.

Regina’s Ashford University degree helped her to expand her vision and recognize that every act she performs well has an impact – and how important it is to consider the long-term impacts to everyone involved before acting. She lives her philosophy of “dare to dream big” each and every day, in everything she does. Regina was able to share that philosophy at the fall 2014 Ashford University commencement ceremony, where she was featured as the alumni speaker. 

With the help of Ashford University, Deputy Chief Regina Scott has achieved well beyond her dream first dreamt all those years ago. She now has new dreams and goals to strive for – and those will lead her and the women who follow in her footsteps to places she has yet to imagine.

Regina went on to complete her master’s in executive leadership in the spring of 2019 at the University of Southern California (USC), Price School of Public Policy. She also embarked on a new educational journey to earn a doctoral degree. She anticipates completing the program in the spring of 2022. 

Deputy Chief Scott’s motto: “Be Fierce, don’t let anyone or anything stop you from becoming the very best version of you.”


* Ashford University is now the University of Arizona Global Campus

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