Registrar Support Team

Your Registrar Support Team will ensure you can easily navigate the University of Arizona Global Campus (UAGC) policies and procedures, most notably when it comes to your student records. Count on this team to help you successfully transition in and out of college.


Transfer Administrators

If you’re transferring credits toward your UAGC degree program, your Transfer Administrator (TA) will reach out to your previous schools and collect your academic transcripts and records. In the event that you must request a transcript yourself, your TA will notify you. If you need help requesting transcripts, your TA is always just a phone call away.


Admission and Matriculation Coordinator

Once all of your transcripts are received, they are passed to your Admission and Matriculation Coordinator (AMC). This person will evaluate and transfer any applicable credits from your previous institutions, advise you on the University of Arizona Global Campus transfer credit policies, and give you an idea of how your credits would apply if you were to change programs.


Student Records

The Student Records Department within the Office of the Registrar maintains the academic records for current and former students in accordance with FERPA guidelines, e.g., grades, form processing, demographic changes, student academic progress, evaluating for Graduation, and ordering of diplomas.


Articulation and Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Once all of your official transcripts have been evaluated by Admission and Matriculation, you may have prior college-level learning that did not transfer the traditional way. You will want to review the PLA Information Center in your student portal before connecting with the Articulation and Prior Learning Assessment (APLA) team. An APL Specialist will help you through the process of pursuing PLA credits.

The Articulation and Prior Learning Assessment team is responsible for maintaining articulation agreements, including creating course equivalency guides and program-to-program pathways with academic partners, transfer partnerships, and/or other evaluated courses and exams.


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