Law Enforcement Corrections Administration Specialization

The field of law enforcement & corrections administration offers a wide variety of careers you can pursue after graduation. Focus your degree with a Law Enforcement & Corrections Administration specialization. With this addition to your online degree program, learn how to analyze theoretical concepts of organizational behavior and management. The specialization will cover topics such as organizational behavior, employment and policy law, and budgeting for law enforcement and corrections administrators. Discover more about enhancing your degree and the courses required for the specialization. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.

Law Enforcement & Corrections Administration Specialization for Graduate Degrees

Broaden your Master of Science in Criminal Justice with a specialization in Law Enforcement & Corrections Administration. You will prepare to exercise leadership and knowledge in a multitude of scenarios with these three (3), three (3) credit courses.

Program Disclosures

Degrees Offering the Law Enforcement & Corrections Administration Specialization


Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Graduate Law Enforcement & Corrections Administration Specialization Courses

CRJ 620 Organizational Behavior in Law Enforcement & Corrections

3 Credits

This course provides an analysis of the various issues facing criminal justice and correctional organizations in the context of professional practice, including, the theoretical concepts of organizational behavior, management and leadership of human resources, and design and structural processes of such organizations. Included topics are fiscal accountability; personnel deployment; implementation of change, motivation and retention of personnel, the hiring, assignment, and promotion of personnel, organizational communication; professional development, and applicable legal issues as they pertain to agency operations.

CRJ 625 Employment & Policy Law for Law Enforcement & Corrections Administrators

3 Credits

This course explores specialized topics in substantive and procedural law with a special emphasis on employment law, and how these legal issues impact ethics and leadership in criminal justice and correctional organizations. This course is well suited for command-level personnel in response to a variety of potential agency and personal liability issues.

CRJ 630 Budgeting for Finance Law Enforcement & Corrections Administrators

3 Credits

This course will introduce students to public program budgeting and finance concepts. Special emphasis is given to methods of financing public programs and the preparation and management of budgets for the programs. This course is intended to provide students with an opportunity to learn and practice the technical aspects of program budgeting and finance in the public safety arena.

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