Strategic Communication Emphasis

Undergraduate Strategic Communication Emphasis Courses

COM 223 Persuasion in Communication

3 Credits

Students learn to analyze and evaluate persuasive messages and determine which contribute to effective and non-effective persuasion. Students formulate persuasive arguments and learn to deliver those arguments effectively, in a variety of forms. This course examines the purpose and function of research in supporting elements of persuasion and the need to understand receiver variables.

COM 325 Communication & Conflict

3 Credits

The course provides students with conflict resolution techniques through communication. Students will analyze the purpose of conflict, learn to work with difficult people, and understand communication as a significant factor in the development, management, and resolution of conflict at the interpersonal, small group, organization, and societal levels. Prerequisites: ENG 121 and ENG 122 or equivalents.

COM 370 Intercultural Communication

3 Credits

This course integrates the use of advanced communication techniques into a variety of contexts shaped by socially and culturally constructed distinctions between and among individuals and groups. Topics include intercultural, multicultural, international, and inter-gender communications.

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