Sports and Recreation Emphasis

Undergraduate Sports and Recreation Emphasis Courses

SRM 300 Sport Facility Management

3 Credits

This course explores the basic concepts, practices and management of sport facilities. The students will identify and review the managerial practices as to the financing, building, and management of various forms of sport facilities. Included in the course will be an examination of legal issues, risk management, and current trends and issues in the management of sport facilities. The students will be afforded the opportunity to obtain specific insights to current practices and new developments in sport facilities management.

SRM 311 Sport Law

3 Credits

This course explores the legal structure of, and issues surrounding, amateur and professional sports leagues and associations. Included will be an examination of tort issues, risk management, sports agency, contract law, collective bargaining, gender issues, intellectual property, and antitrust law.

SRM 401 Sport Finance

3 Credits

The course examines the economic and financial environment in which the sport industry operates, with emphasis on financial decision-making, financial management, and current financial trends. The content identifies key stakeholders and their various interests in the financial success of sport operations and organizations. The students will explore sources of funding and revenue generation, financial controls and reporting, budgets, and the relationship between management principles and financial performance. Prerequisite: ACC 205.

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