Political Science and Government Emphasis

Do you have an interest in the political process, public policy, and the structures and workings of the government? The emphasis in Political Science and Government will introduce you to the political theories central to the study of comparative politics and to understanding contemporary political issues. You will explore topics such as political behavior, power and authority, democracy and representation, policy development, rights and justice, international relations, and conflict resolution. As you analyze political issues and develop methods to resolve them, you will assess the causes and implications of conflict, compromise, and cooperation at the local, national, and global levels. Coursework in Political Science can help you learn to analyze critical issues, evaluate policy, and solve problems through creative communication, skills that are valued in many roles and industries. The following courses are part of this emphasis:

Undergraduate Political Science and Government Emphasis Courses

POL 255 Introduction to International Relations

3 Credits

This course in International Relations is an introductory study of the interactions and interconnectivity of the countries of the world. The course emphasizes the need to think critically about international politics and foreign policy. Consequently, this course focuses topically on how and why wars begin, balances of power between states, international institutions, collective security, international communications, human rights, globalization, regime types, international trade, environmental change, imperialism, injustice, inequality, and other issues relevant to the changing world.

POL 303 The American Constitution

3 Credits

This course is a study of the Constitution of the United States and its role in American history and government. The study covers the drafting and ratification of the Constitution, its subsequent amendment and interpretation, and its contemporary role in American politics and government.

POL 310 Environmental Policies

3 Credits

Examines political, social, and economic policies and their impact on the global environment. Also explores ways in which policy decisions can serve to protect the environment.

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