Journalism Emphasis

Do you have an interest in documenting local, national, and world events as they happen within a rapidly evolving social and political landscape? Would you like to learn how to research, write, and edit information that can be distributed in print, online media, and live broadcast? The Journalism emphasis will give you the knowledge and skills needed to conduct research, evaluate information, and write clearly in the forms and styles appropriate for the profession. You will learn the rights, roles, and responsibilities of news media professionals, and apply ethical principles in pursuit of truth, accuracy, fairness, and diversity. Coursework in Journalism can help you demonstrate the capacity to think analytically, creatively, and independently in developing news and information. You will be able to critically evaluate your own work and the work of others. The ability to provide the right information, media, and message to a variety of audiences is a skill valued within many professions. The following courses are included in this emphasis:

Undergraduate Journalism Emphasis Courses

JRN 200 Elements of Journalism

3 Credits

Elements of Journalism provides students with an understanding of the field of journalism. The course focuses on developing the students’ skills in the areas of grammar, spelling, punctuation, Associated Press (AP) style writing, the inverted pyramid, news gathering, interviewing and other elements of journalism. Prerequisites: ENG 121 and 122 or equivalents.

JRN 301 Newsgathering & Reporting

3 Credits

This course focuses on gathering, evaluating, writing, and editing information for news stories tailored to various forms of media. Prerequisite: JRN 200 or JRN 201

JRN 341 Specialized Journalism

3 Credits

This course introduces students to the various genres of journalistic writing. Students learn to employ skills acquired from previous journalism courses to specific types of news reporting. Genres include the following: investigative journalism, sports journalism, entertainment journalism, business journalism, and environmental journalism. 

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