Environmental Management & Sustainability Emphasis

Undergraduate Environmental Management & Sustainability Emphasis Course

ENV 111 Introduction to Sustainability

4 Credits

This course focuses on sustainable development from a cross-disciplinary approach, including, economics, management, education, policy, and science. Students discuss sustainability conflicts at the national and international levels, and use online simulations to understand and evaluate sustainability practices. Topics include zero waste, water management, smart growth, green technology, global change, renewable energy, agriculture, and land management.

ENV 325 Environmental Management

3 Credits

This course examines recent and ongoing efforts, as well as future needs, to better understand how to attain transformational and sustainable changes to benefit our global environment and its people. It is critical to assess various interventions from an environmental, social, and economic perspective as each of these dimensions impact development and progress. Diverse approaches from multiple fields, such as climate change, renewable energy, natural resource management, and conservation are explored.

ENV 345 Business & the Environment

3 Credits

This course explores perspectives and real- world examples that underscore the opportunities surrounding environmental sustainability for businesses. Corporate and government-based policies provide a foundation for developing strategies pertaining to sustainability. Students evaluate environmental challenges and related practical solutions that are ethical and financially sound.

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