English Emphasis

Do you enjoy reading great works of literature and considering what they reveal about our diverse histories, cultures, and identities? The English Emphasis offers you the opportunity to read and analyze works of American, British, and Anglophone literature within their historical and sociopolitical contexts. You will evaluate how the conventions of different literary genres create meaning and theme, and you will apply influential critical theories to literary texts. As you consider how writing, language, and literature shape and are shaped by diverse human cultures and individual identities, you will gain new insights into the social, philosophical, and moral themes that are crucial to a just society and global community. Coursework in English will help you sharpen critical thinking skills, communication, and writing which are valued by employers in a broad range of fields. This emphasis includes the following courses:

Undergraduate English Emphasis Courses

ENG 301 American Literature to 1865

3 Credits

This course will examine American literature from early colonization through 1865, including texts from the colonial, revolutionary, and antebellum periods. The focus will be upon literary analysis and literary movements contextualized by American history and culture.

ENG 345 British Literature I

3 Credits

This course examines writing by representative British authors in various genres from the Anglo-Saxon period through the mid-eighteenth century.

ENG 346 British Literature II

3 Credits

This course provides a survey of writing by representative British authors in various genres from the Romantic Period to the present.

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