Criminal Justice Drone Pilot Emphasis

Undergraduate Criminal Justice Drone Pilot Emphasis Courses

AVI 200 Commercial Drone Pilot

3 Credits

This course prepares students to take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exam in commercial drone operations. Students explore FAA regulations to operate small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the National Airspace System (NAS) for purposes other than hobby and recreation. This course examines the FAA Part 107 UAS classification, certification, and operating rules.

Completion of AVI 200, does not lead to certification. Upon successful completion of AVI 200, students will be prepared to take the FAA Part 107. Once students pass the exam, they will be eligible for certification as a drone pilot. Certification is granted by the Federal Aviation Administration and not by the University of Arizona Global Campus. It is the student’s responsibility to locate an approved PSI Testing Center.

CRJ 201 Introduction to Criminal Justice

3 Credits

This course considers processes for law enforcement, the judiciary, corrections and juvenile justice. In addition, this course considers criminal justice issues, applications for criminology, and critical perspectives in the study of criminal justice.

CRJ 305 Crime Prevention

3 Credits

This course explores strategies of crime prevention including programs designed to reduce opportunities to commit crime, programs to alleviate demoralizing community social and economic conditions that foster criminal behavior, programs to improve police/community cooperation, and programs to educate young people as to likely consequences of criminal behavior.

CRJ 311 Forensics

3 Credits

Forensic science applies scientific methodology to crime scene investigation and crime solving. This course analyzes techniques of crime scene investigation and the lawful gathering of evidence. Emphasis is placed upon the Federal Rules of Evidence, including the admissibility of physical evidence at trial, as well as the role of forensic science in the criminal justice system and the identification, collection, and preservation of physical evidence (chain of custody issues).

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