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Master of Public Health - Health Care Administration Track Courses at Global Campus

Prepare for a leadership role in your industry. By choosing the Health Care Administration track within your Master of Public Health degree program, you will strengthen your qualifications to manage a team of professionals in multiple health care environments. The Health Care Administration track includes five (5) courses that are each three (3) credits.

Master of Public Health - Health Care Administration Track Class Descriptions and Credit Information

MHA 618 Health Economics

3 Credits

This course focuses upon the analysis of health care operations and planning decisions derived from the theoretical concepts of demand, cost production, profit and competition. External and internal forces challenging health care services are analyzed. Organizational effectiveness and efficiency within the complex health care environment are emphasized. 

MHA 620 Health Policy Analyses

3 Credits

This course focuses on the analysis and evaluation of health care policy. Policy implications in organizational decision-making, strategic planning and market positions are examined. 

MHA 622 Health Care Ethics & Law

3 Credits

This course focuses upon the legal and ethical issues arising in the health care environment. Case study analysis is used to illustrate the ethical and legal implications commonly addressed in health care. 

MPH 621 Public Health Systems

3 Credits

Students will explore the history, basic structures and operations of public health and health care delivery systems based on the 10 Essential Public Health Services. They will learn to apply the core functions and essential public health services framework to public health problems, and identify the main components and issues of the organization, financing and delivery of health services and public health systems in the US. Prerequisite: HIA 625.

MPH 623 Human Resources Management

3 Credits

This course provides a study on managing people in the health care workplace, focusing on the important policies and processes associated with recruiting, hiring, training and evaluating personnel in order to achieve strategic organizational goals. Prerequisite: MHA 622.

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