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Master of Public Health – Generalist Track Courses at Global Campus

Become an effective advocate across all public health disciplines. By choosing the Generalist track within your Master of Public Health degree program, you will immerse yourself in the core disciplines of public health, and explore topics such as the integration of science and practice, quantitative foundations, health policy, structural determinants of health, systems thinking, leadership, diversity, and culture. The Generalist track includes five (5) courses that are each three (3) credits.

Master of Public Health – Generalist Track Class Descriptions and Credit Information

MPH 607 Global Health

3 Credits

During the course, a broad snapshot of global health will be presented, providing students with insight into the challenges currently facing global health. Students will also gain an understanding of why tackling global health issues is such an important endeavor with the potential to reduce poverty, build stronger economies, and promote peace. Students will not only be exposed to the major communicable and noncommunicable diseases posing a profound effect on health (especially within the developing world), but they will also learn how socioeconomic and demographic differences can influence the burden of disease. Students will be encouraged to understand that solving global health problems requires the input of multiple disciplines (e.g. the sciences, ethics, economics and diplomacy). Prerequisite: HIA 625.

MPH 608 Health Communication Practice & Theory

3 Credits

This course is designed to examine research and practice in the area of health communication with a special focus on how health media campaigns are planned and executed in order to stimulate change in knowledge, attitudes, behavior, and subsequent health outcomes. This examination will include the review of the history of health communication campaigns, selected case studies of campaigns, and the theoretical foundation for the design and implementation of campaigns health. Prerequisite: MPH 606.

MPH 609 Public Health Education Methods

3 Credits

Research methods are at the center of our approach to knowledge and understanding in public health. An opinion alone does not hold weight. Theories are supported by concrete evidence. This class provides an introduction to this way of thinking, i.e., into methodology or the "science of finding out." The purpose of this course is to train students in how to collect and analyze data on social phenomena in a rigorous and scientific manner. This knowledge requires an understanding of three different components: 1) inquiry and research design, 2) data collection, and 3) data analysis. Prerequisite: MPH 605.

MPH 610 Public Health Program Planning & Implementation

3 Credits

This course is designed to assist individuals to become responsible and productive public health professionals who are capable of planning, implementing, and managing health promotion and education programs for public health. Concepts in health program assessment, organization, and mobilization for the purposes of addressing identified public health concerns will serve as the foundation for the public health planning process. Appropriate techniques of partnership building, planning strategies, data collection, data analysis, and evidence-based decision-making will also be introduced. Prerequisite: MPH 609.

MPH 611 Public Health Program Assessment & Evaluation

3 Credits

Public health specialists must develop the expertise and adaptability to manage the complexities of research design encountered in evaluations. Public health specialists must also develop expertise in psychometrics, statistical analysis, and in substantive disciplines, to develop and evaluate tests and assessments. These skills form a strong foundation in theory and methodology coupled with practical experience in real evaluation and assessment projects. Students will learn to apply theory and advanced methods in evaluation and assessment to public health programs, campaigns, and initiatives. Prerequisite: MPH 610.

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