International Leadership Courses at Global Campus

Be a leader who sees the big picture. In your International Leadership courses, you will learn how to reach across boundaries to help groups succeed. You will also learn how to adapt your own personal leadership style to fit with diverse organizations. These courses are part of the Master of Arts in Leadership degree program at the Forbes School of Business & Technology.

International Leadership Class Descriptions and Credit Information

INT 6230 Leading Across Boundaries

3 Credits

Effective organizational leadership occurs when groups collaborate across boundaries to achieve outcomes that are above and beyond what those groups could achieve on their own. No longer do leaders work only within an intact group in which leaders and followers share a culture, values, and interests. Global leaders must also be able to lead across groups, where a diversity of experience, expertise, and culture intermingle. This course provides students with the knowledge and skills required to lead successfully across intra-and inter-organizational group boundaries in the global, multi-cultural environment. Students explore leadership styles, principles, and theories; cultural competence required to lead successfully in the global environment; characteristics and challenges of the six boundaries that leaders encounter (vertical, horizontal, stakeholder, demographic, and geographic); and specific strategies for spanning these boundaries in the global context.

INT 6250 Glocalization: Leading Across Cultures & International Communication

3 Credits

This course introduces the concept and evolution of glocalization over past decades. The dialectic of global and local are examined within complex globalized marketplaces where global dexterity is required. Students are grounded in basic theories of communication and explore how dimensions of culture influence leading and communicating across cultures, particularly at an organizational level. Students design a plan to “glocalize” an organization by adapting their leadership and communication behaviors and styles.

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