Computer Software Technology Courses at Global Campus

Learn how to build effective software systems. You will examine the full lifecycle of software development, from requirement analysis through testing. This course is part of the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree program at the Forbes School of Business & Technology.

Computer Software Technology Class Descriptions and Credit Information

CST 301 Software Technology & Design

3 Credits

In this course, students will learn the application of theory, knowledge, and practices to effectively and efficiently build reliable software systems that satisfy the requirements of customers and users. Students will understand all phases of the lifecycle of a software system, including requirements analysis and specification, software architecture, design patterns and concerns, software development methodologies (i.e. waterfall and agile process development), and software testing. Prerequisite: CPT 310.

CST 304 Software Requirements & Analysis

3 Credits

The course will discuss concepts for systematically establishing, defining and managing the requirements for a large, complex, changing and software-intensive systems, from technical, organizational and management perspectives. The course will involve building models of both requirements Technology process and requirements Technology product, concerning both functional and non-functional. Prerequisite: CST 301

CST 307 Software Architecture & Design

3 Credits

This course introduces basic concepts and principles about software architecture and design. It starts with discussion on architectural structures and styles, followed by coverage of design issues and design patterns. The emphasis is on the interaction between software design and quality attributes such as availability, performance, security, interoperability, and modifiability. Prerequisite: CST 301

CST 310 Software Development

3 Credits

This course introduces students to modern software development principles and practices. It provides the necessary grounding on the different technologies associated with developing business websites. Students in this course will learn client-side web development (such as HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap); as well as server-side web development using PHP programing language. Prerequisite: CST 301

CST 313 Software Testing

3 Credits

This course introduces students to software testing and quality control concepts, principles, and methodologies. The emphasis here is on understanding software testing process, planning, strategy, criteria, and testing methods, as well as software quality assurance concepts & control process. It covers the various subjects, including test models, test design techniques (black box and white-box testing techniques), integration, regression, and system testing methods. Prerequisite: CST 301

CST 316 Information Security Management

3 Credits

This course introduces students to skills, knowledge, techniques, and tools required by information technology security professionals. Topics include application security principles and techniques, network security mechanisms, cryptography, and secure programming techniques including cross site scripting, and SQL injection. Prerequisite: CST 301

CST 499 Capstone for Computer Software Technology

3 Credits

This course will offer an opportunity for students to work on real life problems through an applied project in a teamwork environment. This course will cover the major software development lifecycle phases: software requirements gathering, software architecture & design, software development, software testing, and software project management. Students are required to apply appropriate methodologies to the activities in the aforementioned phases based on the selected topic. Each group of students will report their progress through a weekly interactive assignment and receive feedback from the instructor. Upon the completion of the course, each group will be required to submit a professional technical report and a working software demonstration. Prerequisites: GEN 499. This course must be taken last in the program. 

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