What Can You Do with an Organizational Management Degree?

By University Staff

What Can You Do with an Organizational Management Degree?

Among the most valued, intangible assets that a person can bring to an organization are the abilities to lead and to strategize. These are highly transferable skills that will never become obsolete in the workplace and can open doors in multiple industries. For students pursuing the University of Arizona Global Campus Master of Arts in Organizational Management, leadership and strategy form the foundation from which they will build a sustainable career in a world of rapid and global change. 

What is an Organizational Management Degree?

The University of Arizona Global Campus organizational management program examines the skills, steps, and strategies one must take in order to become a successful and valuable leader, while simultaneously exploring the process of effective management in companies large and small. This touches on everything from constructing organizational frameworks to creating and managing change. The program is especially beneficial for students who have work experience and a desire to improve their understanding of how organizations function.

While the core courses of the degree – including The Functions of Modern Management, Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, and Organizational Behavior – are designed to create the aforementioned foundation of knowledge in the areas of decision making, strategic thinking, and innovation (a.k.a. the “human side” of leadership), students can focus their skills on a specific career interest through one of eight specializations: Global Management, Human Resources Management, Media Management, Organizational Leadership, Project Management, Public Administration, Standard MA/Org Management, and Supply Chain Management.    

A Wide Range of Career Options

While a background in organizational management can be applied to multiple roles, a master’s degree education allows students to pursue the top positions in the companies and industries of their choosing. Graduates are put on track to become managers of people and teams, with the ability to develop and implement organization-wide strategy. It is, essentially, a degree designed for those who wish to aim high.   

So, what can you do with your master’s degree in organizational management? Here are some areas in which you can make the most significant impact.

1. Human Resources

Every organization relies on human resources to recruit and onboard new employees, but the role has evolved in recent years, with HR professionals gaining influence at higher levels and becoming involved in everything from employee development to shaping company culture and even defining the company brand. As a result, the hiring of human resources managers is projected to grow 9 percent from 2016 to 2026, about as fast the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A master’s degree in organizational management gives future HR professionals advanced training in the field, and students learn how to manage human resources effectively in the dynamic legal, social, and economic environment currently impacting organization. At the same time, students learn how HR impacts organizational results through its core courses (OMM 618 Human Resources Management) and the HR specialization, which targets three essential areas: training and development, compensation and benefits, and strategies in human resource management.  

2. Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations

Marketing, advertising, and public relations are three fields that are closely tied together and are all experiencing faster than average job growth, according to the BLS. All three rely on professionals with advanced communication skills, as well as the ability to strategize and develop campaigns promoting people, brands, and products. 

Global Campus students experience firsthand the way organizational management ties into these areas, with a core course that “explores practical ways to develop organizational communication plans that integrate marketing, advertising and public relations strategies.” Additionally, the Media Management specialization will train you to apply those strategies to a role in any media organization. Traditionally, media is thought of as the broadcasting, publishing, or film industries. But that has evolved to include digital and social media, advertising, gaming, and any outlet that communicates a message to an audience. 

3. Government

Government Public service is a worthy pursuit for any professional, and those with a background in organizational management are positioned to make the greatest impact at the highest levels of government. The Global Campus Master of Arts in Organizational Management includes a Public Administration specialization, in which students learn how to develop public policy, master the foundations of public administration, and understand the complexities of government budgeting. Those lessons, combined with the leadership and organizational strategies taught in the degree’s core courses, can help transform you into a successful steward of your own department, or, if your ambitions are higher, your own political campaign.

4. Organizational Change Consulting

Why become a trusted advisor to one business when you can advise multiple companies? Organizational management graduates who choose to join consultancy groups (or start their own) can play a significant role in the elevation of a company’s culture and performance because they understand how to maintain and manage the activities within an organization.

An organizational change consultant can identify ways to improve efficiency company-wide and work with managers, C-suite executives, and board members to implement new policies. Specializations in Global Management, Organizational Leadership, and Project Management can prepare you for a role as an organizational change consultant.

How Do I Get Started?

For students already pursuing a Master of Arts in Organizational Management, it’s important to look for opportunities to expand your knowledge beyond the classroom. Joining a professional organization, for example, allows you to network among like-minded people while you examine how your course lessons are applied in everyday life. The American Management Association, Association of Business Process Management, Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), and Organization Development Network are four groups that can help you get started. Global Campus students can also take advantage of the career services team, which can help identify opportunities and prepare you for job applications and interviews.

If you’re considering a master’s degree in organizational management as the foundation for your career, contact a Global Campus advisor to discuss how to get started.


Written by University staff

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