We’re halfway through 2021, and summer is upon us. With hard work, dedication, and positive thinking, our students are staying focused in order to reach the goals they set for themselves this summer. It’s the perfect time for you to also reassess your goals and establish new ones as you plan to move forward and conquer the rest of 2021! 

If you need a little inspiration to push through the next few hot and humid months and reach all your personal and professional goals this summer, look no further than these quotes from your peers who, just like you, are working hard daily to overcome hurdles and achieve success. This month’s UAGC #TenacityMade superstars are proof that it is possible to overcome challenges and achieve your aspirations! Keep reading to get motivated!

We are #TenacityMade

We regularly ask our UAGC Facebook followers how they stay tenacious with their studies while balancing life and school. Here’s a sampling of how students and alumni have responded. 

1. I was motivated to push past life's many obstacles to finish my degree and prove I am #TenacityMade because of my two little boys, being able to show them that the struggles have been worth it, and with hard work and determination, you can accomplish anything!” – Brittany W.

Brittany W. TenacityMade

2. “I was motivated to push past life’s many obstacles to finish my degree and prove I am #TenacityMade because I wanted my family to be proud of me and to set an example for them to follow and to know that they can achieve whatever they strive to.” – Bobby M. 

3. “The first go around I struggled. Fresh out of high school, on campus, partied a little too hard. I always wanted to finish school and get my degree and when I felt ready, I tried again, and I made it to the finish line with the a much bigger support system backing me up. I beat myself up a lot for not graduating with my peers, but I had to remind myself that everyone’s timeline is different. Proud to be Class of 2021!”  – Chellsea K. 

Chellsea K. TenacityMade

4. “When I was in the first 16 years of school, I only received Cs and I was trying extremely hard. I learned as an adult 15 years ago that I had undiagnosed ADD and was told going back for my bachelor's degree wouldn't be recommended. I decided I wasn't going to listen to negativity. At 48 years old, I enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education program, and a year and a half later, I am graduating with honors! I have never been prouder of myself!” – Jennifer L.

5. “I was motivated to push past life’s many obstacles to finish my degree and prove I am #TenacityMade because I want my children and grandchildren to see what I accomplished, and I want them to strive to go a step further so they can be whatever they want to be in life.” – Sheshonie L. 

6. “My family deserves my best. My best includes doing and showing how to work hard, follow their dreams, and not give up if things get hard. I am a living example of adjusting to circumstances, then rising to overcome them. Yes, I am proud of myself, however I am way prouder of the ones who supported me and cheered me on and who they are becoming.” – Beth V.

beth V. TenacityMade

7. “I want to be the example of strength, determination, and encouragement for my daughter so she knows she will overcome and conquer the journey of life.” – Jamie N.

8. "I was motivated to push past life's many obstacles to finish my degree and prove I am #TenacityMade because of my desire to provide a better quality of living for my two young daughters, Kaylee and Kehlanie. I am the first in my family to receive a degree and my goal is to inspire my children to value their education, maintain a growth mindset, and exude resilience in the face of adversity.” –  Roosevelt H.

roosevelt h TenacityMade

9. "My beautiful family has supported me the entire way! A close friend and mentor once told me, the hardest part about balancing family, work, and school is having to tell your kids no from time to time in order to work on and finish school assignments. Consequently, one day my daughters will ask me to pay for their weddings, and with the opportunities my education will provide for me in the future, I’ll be able to tell them ‘yes!’” – Kevin P.

10. “I really enjoyed learning about psychology and I am applying it to my everyday life. My kids and family motivated me as well as the will to earn this degree on my own. Without the support, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Grateful. Always.” – Amanda C.

Keep the Conversation Going

Be sure to join the conversation and tell us why you are #TenacityMade. Each week, head over to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and post a picture or video along with a sentence about what motivates you to stick to your goals, and tell us how you represent #TenacityMade.



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