Today’s COVID-19 pandemic is making life difficult for people around the globe. Despite perhaps the most significant challenge we will ever face in our generation, you continue to push forward in pursuit of your life goals. 

It may be more difficult than ever before, but you and your peers continue to rise to the occasion and prove you are #TenacityMade.

Your determination is inspirational and provides hope for other people who are also struggling through these difficult times. 

So, before you tackle your next task or assignment, let’s take some time to celebrate the commitment you and your peers have made.

Find your drive — and your daily dose of joy — with a little help from this month’s #TenacityMade superstars:

amy j tenacitymade

1. “During 2019, I lost my grandma, my dad, and uncle all within six months, and my oldest son was deployed. I made a promise to my dad before he passed away of heart failure that I will graduate this year with my bachelor’s degree. I have been a great influence for my three kids, and no matter what happens, if you work hard, you can achieve your goals. My husband and kids have seen me struggle since I hurt my shoulder 3½ years ago, and with three operations, my shoulder is worse. I do believe if you stay positive and work hard, you will achieve your goals.” – Amy J.

2. “I continue to work hard because my kids are my biggest motivation. Even when I fall short sometimes, I allow them to see that, because I want them to understand that everything will not be handed to you, so it’s OK that you fall short as long as you can turn that around to something positive to get to the destination you have been seeking.” – Spodee L. 

3. “I continue to work hard and push past life’s hurdles because of the dreams and aspirations that I have always longed for, and most importantly, for my family.” – Charmin B.

Julie R. TenacityMade

4. “I continue to work hard and push past life’s hurdles because I am worthy.” – Julie R. 

5. “I got a brain tumor when I was 17 and was told I may not be able to go to back to school because the surgery could have messed with my learning ability. For a while, I was afraid to try. I was afraid of failing. But I knew what I wanted to do with my life, so I decided to give it a shot. I became an Ashford* student in 2018 to show my two little boys that anything is possible as long as you are determined.” – Tessa L. 

6. “I continue to work hard and push past life’s hurdles because I still have a lot of living to do! I have raised my family, and they have all gone to college and earned their degrees. Now it’s time for me to get my degree. I have to make my dream come true.” – Debra M.

7. "I continue to work hard and push past life’s hurdles because I strive to do better for myself and my family. I have never felt more proud of myself than I do now, knowing I am about to finally graduate college!” – Stephanie R. 

Misty W TenacityMade

8. “I continue to work hard and push past life’s hurdles because I have eyes watching me, and I’m showing them that giving up is not an option! My kids have watched me work two jobs and struggle for most of their lives, but I want to put a stop to that and have a career that they can be proud of.” – Misty W. 

9. “I continue to work hard and push past all the struggles because I grew up in a drug-filled life. I want my sons to know that mom fought through to be better and provide better than what was provided for me. I was in the foster care system for a year as a baby. As a young child, molested by a family member. I had my first son when I was 18, my second at 22. I joined the army at 23. Served 10 years. I am set to walk across the stage in six months after fighting for years to get through and get this degree, and I didn’t give up. I didn’t have good parents. Neither have a degree, but I will! I didn’t give up! I will be a better person, parent, and human being than I was taught to be because I want that for me!” – Michelle D.

10. “I graduated with my BA in Early Childhood Development and a minor in psychology in 2017! I have ADHD and three mental health diagnoses, but I keep trying! My education at Ashford University helped me get into Penn State World Campus, and I am grateful. I want to spread the message that despite your disability or hardships in life, others can succeed, too! I am in my second year at Penn State, and I am still succeeding despite my ADHD and mental health issues!” – Charity K.
Don’t forget to share why you keep pushing forward to conquer your goals using #TenacityMade with your posts, images, and videos. Then, check back each month for another roundup of inspirational tales of triumph from your peers. 

* Ashford University is now the University of Arizona Global Campus

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