It’s hard to believe, but we’re more than halfway through the summer of 2020. Although it has been different than any of us likely can recall and perhaps is one of the most challenging you have faced, you continue to push forward in the face of adversity. This month’s #TenacityMade superstars demonstrate that whether it’s health complications, work/life balance challenges, COVID-19, or anything in between, they are standing strong and pushing on to reach their goals. 

During these times, it’s encouraging to know you are not alone. In fact, students and alumni prove daily that the community is built on a foundation of strength, perseverance, and determination. And these stories are the evidence. Check out what our students and alumni have shared this past month, and then keep going to conquer your personal and educational goals this summer.

tom d.

1. "This summer, I will prove I am #TenacityMade because I am multitasking work, school, and life as I get one class closer to my MBA!" – Tom D.

2. “This summer, I will prove I am #TenacityMade because I will finish strong and be an example to my princesses and other ladies by allowing them to see that it is never too late to learn and achieve whatever you put your heart and mind to. With God All things are possible!” – Regina C.

peggy c.

3. "This summer, I will prove I am #TenacityMade because I will finally beat cancer and finish all my surgeries (15 in just 2 years) and put to use my M.S. that I worked so hard for in 2017! This will be my year!" – Peggy C.

4. "This summer, I will prove that I am #TenacityMade because I will start my new career and travel from Alaska to Texas with my children. I graduated in May 2020 with honors in the education field and will be a resource teacher for 3rd - 5th graders.* My motto is to never give up and keep going!" – Macy W.

5. "I am #TenacityMade because, this year may have started with challenges, but I am finishing strong with only a few classes away and a bit more training to go to pursue my goal as an assistant administrator this summer." – Deborah B.

petra l.r.

6. “This summer, I am going to prove that I am #TenacityMade because I want to continue to strive for the best in my career, want to keep growing, and show to other people and teachers that you can get your degree too. Also, I am not giving up. I want to go in person to my ceremony one day and say, ‘I made it and got through this.’ – Petra L. R.

7. “This Summer, I will prove I am #tenacitymade because I survived remote teaching and planning! In the middle of a global pandemic and the passing of my favorite uncle, I was able to finish the school year strong! I know I got this! – Ginette F.

amanda t

8. “This summer, I will prove that I am #TenacityMade because I am 2 months away from graduating and will continue to be an essential teacher* for my students and stay strong and positive for them!” – Amanda T.

9. “This summer, I am going to prove that I am #TenacityMade because I am in my last class in the MAECEL program! Through hard work, dedication, trails, and tribulations, my degree will be proof that no matter what came my way, I kept the faith and the fight to conquer it all!” –  Precious E.

amanda w

10. “This summer, I am going to prove that I am #TenacityMade and give it my all to keep up my straight A’s as well as enjoy myself with my friends and family. I have to stay on track and keep up my hard work. I want to continue to receive the great feedback that I am getting from my professor and Drs. My goal is to succeed to go to the in-person graduation.” – Amanda W.

Keep the Conversation Going

Be sure to join the conversation, and tell us why you are #TenacityMade. Each week, head over to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, and post a picture or video along with a sentence about what motivates you to stick with your plan, and tell us how you represent #TenacityMade. Then bookmark the #TenacityMade page to follow all the stories and images you and your peers share throughout the rest of the year. 

* An online degree from the University of Arizona Global Campus does not lead to immediate teacher licensure in any state.

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