The close of summer 2020 is here. It may have been a difficult few months, but thanks to your dedication and perseverance, you and your peers were able to push forward. This month’s #TenacityMade superstars demonstrate that no matter what obstacles stand in their way, they did not give up on their goals. 

Check out what our students and alumni have shared this past month, and then keep going to conquer your personal and educational goals throughout the rest of the year.

sheri lee keenanana

1. “I turned in my final paper. It has been a journey and an experience. I would like to thank all my professors for working with me this past year so I could finish. Some days it was a struggle for me. My mom was very sick, and I was with her a lot. I lost her this last Christmas morning. Plus, I lost my little brother before that in May, and my best friend. Cancer sucks. All you out there struggling: keep at it. I am 52 and just finished. It is one of the proudest moments for me! Hard work pays off.” – Sheri Lee Keenana

2. “This summer, I intend to work hard and push past life's hurdles because ... I want to finish early & earn that degree by the end of next year! On track for November 2021! My husband is about to retire from the Marines & now it’s my turn to take care of him & let him relax a bit. Plus, we are moving back to our hometown to be with our families again and we cannot wait! I want to do more trips and make more memories with them! I can, and I am, and I will do it! Taking a few Sophia classes on the side to bump that date up! I can see the light now! Almost done!” – Delilah Mendez

Denise Fleming

3. "I intend to work hard and push past life’s hurdles because I will be my Momma’s first child to graduate college in October 2020.” – Denise Fleming

4. “I will prove that I am #TenacityMade because I want to show my son when he’s old enough to understand that when you work hard, goals are achievable.” – Ashley Wilson

andrea lane

5. “I am very dedicated to my son. He was the reason I went back to school years ago. The reason I chose Ashford was the professors seemed nice and I had just had my son and bought my house and went back to school part time and worked full time in ECE. I really appreciate everything they have done.” – Andrea Lane

6. “This summer, I will prove that I am #TenacityMade because I am almost done! Less than a year left has me motivated to attack each assignment with all my energy!” – Gail McKenzie

jeanette jackson

7. “I will prove I am #TenacityMade because I am a fighter. I work full time, raise my children, and I have learned what it means to have true grit and a growth mindset while attending Ashford University. I will not quit even during a global pandemic, though I will admit, I was feeling like "Chicken Little." I had to transition to working from home and re-adjust work life, my school life, home life, and just know my dream of earning my BA in Psychology didn't end. I am staying focused, staying home, staying safe, and I know it seems like we are all in a dark tunnel on a train not knowing what will happen next in our world, but I will keep my ticket, and continue to this ride into the light of earning a BA in Psychology degree in 2022." – Jeannette Jackson

8. “I will prove that I am #TenacityMade because I will complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Cognitive Studies with a 4.0 GPA after years of false starts, after career changes, illness, marriage and separation, single motherhood and more illness, beating depression and reclaiming my brain, and despite the global pandemic that has turned my city inside out. Never surrender, never say die.” – Martine Kinkade

Amanda Nichole

9. “I will prove I am #TenacityMade because I had almost given up completing college. Raising two kids by myself, almost losing everything I own due to tropical storm Imelda, having a child diagnosed with Autism, working a full-time Job, homeschooling because of COVID-19, and trying to complete my school work took a huge toll on my already broken mind. With the support of Ashford’s [Office of Student Access and Wellness] and the support from various academic advisors, I got myself back on the path of not giving up. I will be the first child out of eight to complete a 4-year degree, even if I have to kick, scream, and cry myself through it. I will stand in person on my graduation day.” – Amanda Nichole

10. “I will prove that I am #TenacityMade because I am going to enroll in the master's program and take advantage of the balance forgiveness [opportunity]**. It was the only thing holding me back from going into the master's program with Ashford University. I graduated in the Fall of 2019 with my bachelor's degree from Ashford, and I so wanted to go back but had that $1,500 balance. I am ready to conquer this last degree I have always wanted.” – Lanae Holloway 

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