Are you a new student at the University of Arizona Global Campus or new to online research? Or have you resolved to make better use of the University of Arizona Global Campus Library in 2020? Then this is the blog for you! The University of Arizona Global Campus Library has the quality resources you need for your assignments. This blog will introduce you to the library and provide some resources to help make your researching time more efficient and effective. 

Library Tutors are Available 24/7

Did you know you can get help from a University of Arizona Global Campus librarian 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Click on the 24/7 Library Tutoring button on the library homepage to connect with a librarian anytime! To get help in the TutorMe classroom, type your research or help need and click submit. Once you’re paired with a tutor, you can provide details about your assignment. You can also upload documents.

The library has created a short video, How to Access and Use Library Tutoring, as well as a tip sheet to help get you started. You’ll need the Chrome browser installed on your computer in order to use library tutoring in the University of Arizona Global Campus library. If you do not have Chrome, you can download it here.

Library Features 


The first thing you may notice on the library website is the FindIt@AU search box. FindIt@AU is often a great place to start your research, because it searches across most of the library databases all at once. Think of FindIt@AU as a big box superstore and individual databases as specialty shops. 

You have two search options with FindIt@AU: 
•    You can use one search box on the library homepage. This option is convenient when you have a topic with only one or two keywords.
•    You can use the FindIt@AU Advanced Search link. This option provides three search boxes. Three search boxes help organize your search and allow you to add one concept per search box. 


This handy Advanced Search Techniques tip sheet provides guidance to get the most from your searches.

Find Articles & More

Click the Find Articles & More link on the library homepage to see the library databases organized in three different ways: 

•    Databases A-Z (an alphabetical listing of all databases by name)
•    Databases by Subject (divided by subject areas, such as Business and Literature)
•    Databases by Type (divided by type of format, such as Articles, Images, and Video)

Library Help & Information

The library can assist you with help and information on just about any subject.

university of arizona global campus library help

The Library Help & Information section of the library homepage has lots of Do-It-Yourself resources to help you with your research:

•    QuickAnswers: Type a question and search our answers! If you don’t see your question listed, submit it and a librarian will provide an individualized response within 24 hours (Monday–Friday).
•    LibraryU: Here you will find tutorials and webinars that cover a variety of topics, such as how to develop keywords and how to identify a scholarly article.
•    Research Guides: Check out our Research Guides page to see a variety of subject guides the library has developed that provide search tips and links to resources in areas such as Criminal Justice, Business, and Health Care. 

Alumni Research Assistance

If you are a Global Campus alum, congratulations on your accomplishment! While your access to the University of Arizona Global Campus library resources ended upon graduation, never fear. Google Scholar is a great alternative to access scholarly resources post-graduation. This Google Scholar Tip Sheet provides some tips to get the most out of this database.

Contact the Library

Reach out to the librarians anytime. You can contact the library via text chat, phone, or email, and you can find all the contact information on the library homepage. 

contact the university of arizona global campus library for tutoring


Written by University Staff

* Ashford University is now the University of Arizona Global Campus

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