Being a military spouse is not always an easy role, and it requires a great deal of resilience and grit. As a military spouse, a passion of mine is to help fellow military spouses follow their dreams and become successful leaders. This is what led me to work with Machele Ruiz, CHAMPS Program Coordinators, to develop the University of Arizona Global Campus' new Military Spouse Support and Leadership Club, an organization specifically designed to help aid military spouses in their personal and professional growth while they are pursuing a degree.

Ruiz brings a unique perspective as a military parent, and her expertise and experience has helped shape the club and is essential to its growth. We are excited to see this group come to full fruition and benefit as many military spouses as possible.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to provide an inclusive space to share resources and build a strong community of military spouses that will help aid in professional development and networking across the globe and to reach students near and far through the use of technology advancements and resources.

Our mission is to provide military spouses the support they need to fulfill their goals through growth and development. This includes:

  • Student leadership development
  • Monthly presentations delivered by advisors and appointed officers 
  • Provide club members with updated information regarding students affiliated with the military
  • Encourage faculty to increase interactions and communications with military spouses

How to Join: 

To join the University of Arizona Global Campus Military Spouse Support and Leadership Club, you will need to meet the following three requirements: 

  • Maintain a 2.75 GPA
  • Be an active student or alumnus 
  • Be a military spouse or dependent

If you meet these requirements, request to join our LinkedIn page. Check there for meeting dates, then attend monthly meetings and participate in networking events. 

The Military Spouse Support and Leadership Club will provide a number of benefits to members, including the opportunity to meet other spouses. Bring your unique personality to the group and help us create a diverse and inclusive environment that fosters support and growth.


Written by University Staff

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