You did it. You graduated and now you’re ready to pursue your next goal, and for many of you, that includes finding a job, advancing to a new position at your current place of employment, or seeking a career change altogether. It’s an exciting time that under normal circumstances can create a bit of anxiety. Bu your tenacity will help you overcome the hurdles, much like when you balanced your education, work, family, and life while pursuing your degree. Still, having a helping hand will go a long way during these unique times.

Here’s how Career Services can help you prepare for the next phase in your journey, and what you can do to secure your future and maintain positive momentum as you seek new opportunities. 

Career Moves to Make Right Now

It’s understandable that as a student you were consumed by pursuing your degree and had little time to focus on anything other than school, work, or family. Now that you have completed your degree program (or are close to doing so), it’s time to take advantage of any gaps in your schedule – 20 minutes, here or there – and take proactive steps to prepare for life after graduation. Here are some career moves to make right now:

1. Update Your Resume


You earned your degree, so make sure you add that accomplishment to your resume and your LinkedIn profile right away. While you’re at it, take a little time to freshen up your LinkedIn profile, and reach out to Career Services if you need some assistance with that task.

2. Optimize Your Resume 

If it’s been a while since you’ve been in the job market, one of the first things that you’ll notice is less face-to-face (or even Zoom-to-Zoom) contact with recruiters. Many of today’s hiring efforts are funneled through Applicant Tracking Systems, which scan your resume for keywords to match job descriptions and duties. You can outsmart these “resume robots” by optimizing your resume with keywords and phrases that Applicant Tracking Systems will flag before sending your resume to a recruiter. 

3. Take Stock of Your Skills

Graduates with an online degree, especially, can leave school knowing they possess many of the skills – adaptability, flexibility, tech savviness, critical thinking, among others. The fact that you were able to complete a college degree by utilizing online tools is worthy of mention and should give you added confidence when applying for your next job.

"Students may not realize it, but the skills they have gained navigating an online course or successfully managing their time to stay disciplined to complete their degree are highly sought after in a competitive job market,” says University of Arizona Global Campus Career Services Manager Rebecca Davis. “It’s key for students to articulate their ability to adapt to technology, time-management, and communication skills to potential employers.”

4. Start Networking


If you’ve spent your college years in a virtual classroom setting, you’re already adept at online etiquette. This should make it easier for you to begin networking virtually with your contacts, industry colleagues, faculty, and potential employers. 

Many graduates are looking to make contacts through online platforms, and Davis suggests to start networking with your classmates and alumni virtually. UAGC boasts a 18,000-member strong LinkedIn group that is overseen by Career Services and connects current students to alumni in all professions.

Another great way to network with your fellow alum is through UAGC Connect!  Available exclusively to Global Campus alumni, UAGC Connect powered by PeopleGrove is a one-stop resource that includes, among other benefits:

  • Lifetime career coaching
  • Networking opportunities
  • Online communities
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Career tips and workplace trends

How Career Services Can Help

Taking advantage of every resource at your disposal will give you the best chance to succeed in a competitive job market. UAGC Career Services offers lifelong support to all alumni, and you can reach out at any stage of your career after graduation. Check out these six ways UAGC Career Services can help you with your job search.

Though the road ahead may be riddled with obstacles, there is opportunity in every challenge or setback. 

By remaining focused on your priorities and taking advantage of the lifelong resources provided by Career Services, you will find it easier to navigate any uncertainty that lies ahead. For assistance with your resume or job search, contact Career Services.


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