Higher Education Specialization

Study the relationships between planning and student learning through the Higher Education Specialization program. In this addition to your online degree program, learn how to improve your teaching skills to fit higher education classrooms and teach at a deeper, more engaging level. Courses will focus on ideologies, people, cultures, and movements that have had an impact on higher education. Your specialization may require prerequisite course work. Please talk to your advisor for more information.

Higher Education Specialization for Graduate Degrees

The Higher Education specialization explores factors that affect adult learning, and the organizational cultures that promote or inhibit learning. You will examine curriculum, assessment, and student development in the post-secondary environment. The specialization also addresses the foundations of the American higher education system and considers innovations that affect learning and the function of institutions in the 21st century. This graduate degree specialization consists of four (4), three (3) credit courses.

Degrees Offering the Higher Education Specialization


MA in Education

Graduate Higher Education Specialization Courses

EDU 586 Foundations of American Higher Education

3 Credits

This course provides an examination of the development of higher education in America as seen through historical, legal, philosophical, and social lenses. Students analyze influences of the European model and alternative approaches and the complex social settings in which these events occur. The development and range of today’s institutions are reviewed with implications for policy development.

EDU 587 Adult Learning and Development

3 Credits

This course reviews aspects of higher education including curriculum development, delivery, and assessment. Students will study theoretical foundations, models, and methods appropriate for adult learning. A review of literature on adult learning and development will be included.

EDU 588 Student Services

3 Credits

This course examines the development and implementation of student support systems in higher education. Supports for student success and the environment in which these occur will be analyzed. Major issues and trends in diversity, security, accommodations, and ethics will be addressed.

EDU 589 Issues and Innovations in Higher Education

3 Credits

This course analyzes the primary areas of operation in institutions of higher education including organizational structure and control, finance, institutional effectiveness, and accreditation. An analysis of recent innovations in higher education will be included.

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