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kelsey biggs

Like everything else he does, Kelsey Biggs started in the Forbes School of Business and Technology™ with a clear plan. Looking to further his career in business information systems, Kelsey had been a regional manager with a major automotive glass distributor for 26 years. Kelsey sees technology as a means to serve family, business, and community by streamlining processes, thinking long-term, and seeing the big picture. He also sees education as a means to further his goals of service. He sat down with his mentor, Associate Dean Dr. McKay, to discuss his experiences in the program.

What interested you in pursuing the BA in Business Information Systems?

I absolutely love it because it helps me understand the big picture and how an organization can use technology to make processes simpler. The degree opened my eyes to what my employer was doing over the years. I gained a better understanding on the questions to ask in order to help IT professionals design and build IT systems. The Business Information Systems degree is all-encompassing, including business analysis, telecommunications, networks, databases, programming, and so on. Over the years, I have always enjoyed making processes and systems easier to use through technology.

How will having a degree in information systems help you in your career?

The degree has embedded in me a systematic approach for developing and utilizing systems. We have been taught research, analysis, and alternative evaluation to help reach a good decision. It is a systematic process to get from A to Z. If I don’t know the answer, I have learned how to conduct research and find the answer. My education provides me with another way to solve problems.

What has been most meaningful to you about earning your degree?

I love Ashford*… I don’t want to stop.

My courses have been so diverse, and they’re providing me a well-rounded education. I plan to use the degree to help me change careers. I want to focus on systems analysis, aiming to simplify systems and processes. All of the processes can be connected. I hope to make life easier for everyone, including my family. I have helped my mother make her life more enjoyable. My brothers and I help her in person and through the internet. She bought her first smart phone, and we have trained her to use it. She now sends pictures and can more easily stay in touch with the family.

What role will continued education play in your future?

Prior to going back to school, I would go to the library to research information that I needed. I read management books, and they helped, yet I was itching for a formal education that would help me manage an operation properly. Being systematic myself, I made the decision to go back to school. General education, the business information systems major, and psychology courses in my minor set the stage for continuous learning. The courses encouraged me to never stop learning. I want to continue to pursue my MBA—who knows, maybe a doctorate. I love Ashford University*, the degree program, and education. I don’t want to stop.

What is one area that you are personally interested in?

I like to tinker around and find those systems at home and in an organization that can make life easier or more efficient for a business. It is exciting to know how to apply technology for society’s benefit. Anything that can automate our lives can make things easier for all of us. We are all busy with family and work. Automation will help us to appreciate other aspects of our lives. For example, with my mother, I can help her remotely and she can do some things herself now. This allows me to spend more quality time with her.

Organizations can focus on the long term. By taking the time to do research and analysis, better systems can be developed. Consider the autonomous vehicle. My sister will never be able to drive due to her disability. With an autonomous vehicle she can go where she needs to. People who are blind or disabled in other ways could gain a new sense of freedom through autonomous vehicles, making life better for all of us. The degree helps me to use a systems approach and avoid pursuing unworkable solutions. Anything else you want to share?

My time at Ashford* has been amazing.


*Ashford University is now the University of Arizona Global Campus


Interviewed and written by Dr. Donald McKay, Kelsey Bober, and Dr. Karen Ivy

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