5 Ways You Know You’re a UAGC University Student

By University Staff

5 Ways You Know You’re an UArizona Global Campus Student

School pride is something you carry with you throughout your life. That’s why the bumper sticker and Bowl Game businesses continue to thrive. 

But for the University of Arizona Global Campus students, school pride and the positive attributes you acquire while earning your degree shine through in many not-so-obvious ways. You might not even realize your Global Campus pride is showing unless someone points it out to you. Here are five things you and other UAGC students have in common:

1. You are adept at spotting grammatical errors.

You might not have entered school as an English major, but you’re going to leave with a pretty impressive writing background. From introductions to discussion posts to essays and research papers, Global Campus students do a lot of writing, and they are required to learn the ins and outs of the American Psychological Association (APA) writing format. 

Fortunately, you’re not on your own. The Writing Center serves as a 24/7-resource center, covering everything from paragraph structure to punctuation and proofreading. Graduates leave with a trained eye for spotting errors, and find themselves in a leading position to take on writing and communication projects. 

If a request goes out to give something a “once over,” you can be sure an Ashford student will answer the call. 

2. Your mental clock tells you when it’s time to hit the books.

Global Campus students are very regimented. You have to be, considering the fact that school is just one portion of a packed schedule that includes work and family time. 

“My family and I agreed that in order to be successful, I needed a set time each day to begin school and that this time should be uninterrupted. With their agreement, daily discipline became a habit,” explains Jackie Carpenter, a Business Leadership student and member of the Honors College.

Like Carpenter, you develop your own time management methods when working your way through school. Whether it involves putting the kids to bed or turning off the television at the exact same time every night, you are disciplined and determined not to fall behind. 

3. You can drown out distractions and focus when necessary.

Of all the mental habits you acquire while earning your degree online, none may serve you better in the working world than your ability to focus during heightened times of stress. This trait goes back to your ability to find balance between all of life’s priorities.

For examples, just look to the student who can write a paper with children still awake and running around the house, or the student responding to discussion posts via smartphone while riding the bus.

The most impressive examples are often on display in the UArizona Global Campus military student community, in which men and women are working to earn their degrees while deployed around the world and sometimes in combat situations. 

“This is when Marines strive to be their best -- when their back’s against the wall,” says Master Sergeant Nelson Adames, who earned his Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management in 2017.

Social and Criminal Justice major James Sanders adds, “If I can be on active duty in the military and attend school -- that is a great accomplishment. I want my family to know that if you put your mind and heart into something, you will be able to get it done.”

4. You’ve tried the traditional route, but you’re a non-traditional learner.

There’s tremendous pride in being able to earn your degree online. Not just because you’ve attained the aforementioned qualities, but also because you’ve embraced a non-traditional format – one that continues to evolve – and shown others how it’s done. 

“I was never into online schooling,” says graduate Nakia Bennett. “I felt as if I learned better in a more traditional classroom setting. I could not have been more wrong.”

Bennett and so many students like him are proving to the world that just because something’s been done one way for so long doesn’t mean there’s not an alternative that can achieve the same objective. 

For adult learners who didn’t grow up in the era of smartphones, and who might have lived under the assumption that a traditional brick-and-mortar college experience was the only way to fulfill their dreams of a degree, graduates are showing them another way.

5. You never want to stop learning. 

Our students are lifelong learners, and they’ll say so for different reasons.

On a personal level, you’ll commonly hear students talk about their internal motivations and desire to absorb as much information as they can. They believe that once you stop learning, you stop growing.

“I never want to stop growing,” says 2011 graduate Terry Satchell. “You can never stop growing with [Ashford*].”

From a career perspective, students know that if you stop learning, you’re more likely to fall behind. The world is changing, technology is evolving, and there will always be eager generations of young graduates entering the workforce. If you’re an adult trying to get ahead in your business, you have a better chance if you embrace these changes and try to grow alongside your organization.  

Derek Walker, a 2017 graduate, sums it up perfectly: “Never stop learning because someone else isn’t passing up the opportunity and is learning, and you want to be sure you’re keeping pace with those who are driving to succeed.”

Can you think of additional qualities that all students share? Add your story to our Facebook page

*Ashford University is now the University of Arizona Global Campus


Written by  University of Arizona Global Campus Staff

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