Information Systems Management Courses at Global Campus

Information Systems Management Class Descriptions and Credit Information

ISM 500 Introduction to Management of Information Systems

3 Credits

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of computer systems and the role of information processing in the business environment. Students are provided with a basic overview of essential business software as well as insight into systems development, operating systems and programming, database management, networking, and telecommunications from a management perspective.

ISM 510 Introduction to Computer Programming for Business Applications

3 Credits

This course introduces students to computer programming concepts that include client/server applications, dashboard technologies, and responsive Web design for current platforms. Students explore basic programming tenets such as user-centered interface design, object-oriented programming, mobile app development, and other topics related to current practices. Using a virtual lab, students apply course concepts to an iterative project that is developed during the six-week course.

ISM 600 Big Data Analytics and Application

3 Credits

This course provides knowledge and experience of the processes to derive new analytical value and management techniques in order to create competitive advantages in businesses and industry. In particular, it provides a practitioner’s approach to some of the key techniques and tools used in big data analytics including: Hive, Impala, Pig, MapReduce. Students will apply a decision-making framework within which they will interact with the data to discover data insights and patterns. The outcome will provide a robust analytical decision model that empowers students to determine best quantitative business decisions.

ISM 640 Computer Networking and Telecommunication Design

3 Credits

This course covers methods and techniques for the design of computer and telecommunication networks as well as management and business perspectives on network design, traffic and application requirements, network cost analysis, topological design, capacity assignment, virtual network design, network design tools, wireless network design issues, availability analysis, and survivable network design. Students participate in a group project, through which they develop a networking solution for a business problem. Prerequisites: BUS 600 and INF 630.

ISM 641 Database Design and Management

3 Credits

This hands-on, virtual lab-based course introduces students to data modeling and relational databases. Students design and implement normalized databases and manipulate them through online interfaces. The course provides opportunities and includes assignments that allow students to develop the skills needed for translating users’ data needs into functional business applications. Prerequisites: BUS 600 and INF 630.

ISM 642 Information Security and IT Governance

3 Credits

This course provides students with a review of networking concepts and technologies that are critical to IT security operations. It offers guidance on usage and includes a comparison of the available methodologies and their content. Students examine the importance and benefits of sound IT governance to any IT organization. They investigate computer security principles, mechanisms, and implementations to ensure data protection and security of computers systems and examine key network perimeter security tools, including firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS). Prerequisites: BUS 600 and INF 630.

ISM 643 Leadership in Business Systems Development

3 Credits

This course provides students with a foundation for applying appropriate techniques when managing software development projects. Focus is placed on managing Agile development projects and using Agile development methodologies. The importance of team management, changing goals and priorities, knowledge management ideals, and alignment with organizational goals is presented. Students complete a group project, through which they apply leadership principles to a mock software development project. Prerequisites: OMM 622 and ISM 641

ISM 644 Legal and Ethical Issues in Technology

3 Credits

This course examines legal and ethical issues in today’s technology and data-driven organizational environments. Students analyze issues from an organizational perspective on topics that include information ownership, privacy, and the concept of due care and responsibility for data collected by organizations. Compliance requirements, regulations, and laws governing data and information, protection, collection, usage, and storage are discussed. Prerequisites: OMM 622 and ISM 642.

ISM 645 Information Technology Strategic Planning

3 Credits

This course examines the means for effectively developing short-, medium-, and long-term technology plans. Students focus on topics such as assessment of a firm’s current state and future goals, the process of information technology enterprise planning for meeting the goals of the organization, the need for and the responsibilities of an information systems steering committee, and the methods of identifying and prioritizing information technology projects for the organization. A group project that applies the elements of strategic planning is a key component of this course. Prerequisites: OMM 622, ISM 642 and ISM 643.

ISM 650 Information Systems Project Methodologies I

3 Credits

This course introduces students to project management as defined by the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) body of knowledge (PMBOK) with an emphasis on information technology projects. Project management processes and knowledge areas are explored, with a specific focus placed on the project initiation, scope, schedule, cost, and quality management. Students have opportunities throughout the course to work in groups as they develop components of the project plan. Prerequisites: BUS 600, INF 630, ISM 640, ISM 641, ISM 642, OMM 622, ISM 643, ISM 644 and ISM 645.

ISM 651 Information Technology Methodologies II

3 Credits

This course is a continuation of ISM 650. In this course, students continue exploring the project management knowledge areas of human resources, communications, risk management, and procurement. Emphasis is placed on information technology projects. Students have opportunities throughout the course to work in groups as they develop components of the project plan. Prerequisite: ISM 650.

ISM 652 Project Management Capstone – Strategic Project Management

3 Credits

In this course, students apply project management concepts to information technology projects using strategic managerial approaches. Concepts include determining business benefits and project feasibility, reporting project status, stakeholder management, and measuring project quality. Earned value management concepts are introduced. Emphasis is placed on the Project Management Maturity Model. Prerequisites: ISM 650 and ISM 651.

ISM 670 IT Organizational Management and Leadership Capstone

3 Credits

In this capstone, students will integrate professional practices explored in the Master of Information Systems program core courses with concepts presented in the Organizational Management and Leadership specialization courses. Topics in IT leadership, database systems, networking, software design, human computer interaction, management of technology, and ethics are applied within a framework of global e-business technology strategy. Through projects, students draw from real organizational scenarios to practice major information technology concepts. Students select, develop, and present a significant technology implementation project. The project will incorporate organizational management and leadership strategies, systems development, and business planning. Prerequisites: INF 630, ISM 640, ISM 641, ISM 642, OMM 622, ISM 643, ISM 644, ISM 645, OMM 640 and BUS 661.

ISM 681 Business Intelligence Systems

3 Credits

This virtual lab-based course outlines the procedures necessary for translating raw data into meaningful information that can be used for making business decisions. Students complete a group project through which they utilize a range of technologies that enable these processes. Prerequisite: ISM 680.

ISM 682 Advanced Data Management and Acquisition Capstone

3 Credits

This course provides an overview of current and future trends in data management. Students continue to develop their knowledge of online data applications as they apply to broad and specific contexts through the completion of a capstone project. Prerequisites: ISM 680 and ISM 681.

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