Organizational Management Courses at Global Campus

Be prepared to lead in a constantly evolving business environment with these graduate-level organizational management courses. Through your studies, you will explore the critical external and internal factors that impact organizational decisions, while developing your own strategy for success. These classes, the core of the University of Arizona Global Campus' Master of Arts in Organizational Management program, will help you develop and apply problem-solving tactics, managerial accounting techniques, human resource policies, and ethical decision-making strategies embraced by modern organizations.

Organizational Management Class Descriptions and Credit Information

OMM 612 Managing in Social Change

3 Credits

This course considers key aspects of social change in today’s complex and interdependent business world, analyzes their effect on how managers position their business enterprises, and identifies decision-making strategies that allow mission-driven organizations to contribute to social transformation. 

OMM 614 Innovation & Entrepreneurship

3 Credits

This course explores innovation as it relates to organizational leadership and purposeful entrepreneurship. It analyzes the perspective and values of an entrepreneurial mind and the developmental cycle of an entrepreneurial organization or organizational unit, including the stages of resource development, launching, managing growth and evaluating progress. Approaches to problem- solving are developed with applications made to organizational responsibilities and personal growth. 

OMM 615 Strategies: Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations

3 Credits

This course explores practical ways to develop organizational communication plans that integrate marketing, advertising and public relations strategies. Emphasis is given to the dynamic process of managerial decision-making required to implement an integrated communication plan effectively in order to achieve organizational goals. 

OMM 618 Human Resources Management

3 Credits

This course is a study on managing people in the workplace, focusing on the important policies and processes associated with recruiting, hiring, training and evaluating personnel in order to achieve strategic organizational goals. 

OMM 622 Financial Decision-making

3 Credits

The course is designed to allow individuals who do not prepare accounting and financial documents to understand and use these documents as tools in effective managerial decision-making, control and planning. Topics include purposes of financial statements, analysis of financial statements using basic accounting concepts, budgeting, and financial accountability in an organization. 

OMM 640 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility

3 Credits

This course analyzes organizational, professional and personal ethics and creates a framework for exploring the social responsibilities of managers and organizational leaders. Various methodologies will be used to explore ways to encourage ethical development and moral behavior within organizational culture and to resolve business ethical issues and dilemmas. 

OMM 692 Organizational Management Strategy

3 Credits

This capstone course explores the formulation, implementation and maintenance of organizational strategic management. In the context of a globally competitive market, students will explore methods of directing an entire organization. Topics include: analysis of competitive position, value creation, developing systems-wide goals and objectives, and the creation of a strategic plan. This course is cumulative in nature, integrating knowledge and information attained while completing the entire program curriculum. 

OMM 695 The Dynamics of Teamwork

3 Credits

This course analyzes the creation and utilization of effective teams and approaches to motivate and maintain productive teamwork. The course will explore common obstacles that can negatively impact team performance and examines approaches to counteract the forces that negatively impact team effectiveness. Additionally, this course will investigate special considerations that leaders will need to examine to foster productive teamwork in a socially conscious, technologically adept, and global marketplace. This course is not available for NDS and should be taken last in the program.

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