General Education Courses at Global Campus

These General Education undergraduate courses are designed to enhance your ability to research and evaluate information. Through your Information Literacy class, taken in the Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education, you will learn to analyze the concept and value of information literacy for successful lifelong learning and determine the best search strategy for a given information need. The General Education Capstone course will challenge you to demonstrate the application of ethics and moral reasoning with regard to academic knowledge and societal concerns, and apply the principles of critical thinking to contemporary issues.

General Education Class Descriptions and Credit Information

GEN 102 Digital Literacy for Life & the Workplace

3 Credits

This course offers an overview of digital literacy as it applies to personal, academic, financial, and professional success. Students will analyze the impact of digital technology on personal and social communication to develop digital literacy skills that will assist in achieving academic and career goals. An overview of financial literacy in the digital age is introduced with practical strategies for application in personal and professional life.

GEN 103 Information Literacy

3 Credits

Learn and use key, practical skills that are applicable at home, at work, and in all UAGC courses! As UAGC students progress in their academic journey, strategies for personal, professional, and academic success continue to develop. This introductory course takes a two-pronged approach to setting students on a path to success. It merges fundamental informational literacy concepts with essential resources and skills that prepare students for college and career. Students learn how to identify, locate, evaluate, apply, and acknowledge information obtained through UAGC Library databases and internet search engines. By applying the research process, students sharpen critical thinking skills and learn to use information ethically. The final project is a practical and relevant opportunity for students to apply their learning in personally, professionally, and academically meaningful ways.

GEN 104 College Reading Strategies

3 Credits
In this course, students will develop effective reading skills to engage with college-level course materials. Students will explore a variety of texts and analyze active reading strategies to develop personal reading approaches.

GEN 499 General Education Capstone

3 Credits

This course provides students with a cumulative and integrative learning experience grounded in their general education experience. Through the study of selected interdisciplinary topics and course-embedded assessments students will demonstrate mastery of essential competencies and application of different ways of knowing. Students will apply the general education principles informed by ethical and critical sensibility and provide evidence of growth in acquiring the habits of active citizenship. A minimum grade of “C – “ is required to meet course requirements.

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